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I just got accepted to start the FNP program this March at Walden University. Getting very nervous about it. Any advise is greatly appreciated.... Read More

  1. by   Jtybreezy
    how are the discussion? do you use blackboard? tests?
  2. by   Jtybreezy
    HOw frequent are the tests and quizzes? What platform do you use? HOw many discussion and test quizzes per week?
  3. by   Jtybreezy
    hows the program so far?
  4. by   sxyreesa
    Discussions is alright. We use black board. I'm in research and informatics right now. Its alot of work because you have to do project or portfolio through out and discussions. You have to post at 3 times for discussions through out the week, but with deadlines. So far I haven't had any tests. In research, you have one group assignment in which that was easy. It was just simply an outline of a chapter. Lastly, I'm loving the program so far although it could alot work and reading. Well thanks and good luck of whatever you choose to do.
  5. by   agiboma
    I'm currently enrolled in the AGNP program about to start my clinical next term the only courses where you have quizzes are your specializations courses being (3 in total):

    1.) Advanced pharm
    2.) Advanced Patho
    3.) Advanced health assessment

    The course is good I am enjoying the flexibility to continue working full time while pursuing my master's.
  6. by   sxyreesa
    Did you take any of them together or all individual?
  7. by   Jtybreezy
    Please email me. I'd like to ask more questions. @agiboma
  8. by   RnPatieno
    how are the quizzes set up at walden? open book, webcam, locked computer screen?
  9. by   smileyfacefee
    Open book. Some are timed and some are not...which sometimes makes open book difficult
  10. by   RnPatieno
    how many questions does a quiz usually average? and is the final grade a cumulative of the quizzes, papers, and discussions?
  11. by   smileyfacefee
    As of right now I am in the advanced pathophysiology class. The quizzes for this class seem to range from 25 to 40 questions so far. The only other class I had quizzes in so far was statistics which if u have 2 take that I believed they also had about 45 or so. I haven't taken the other specialization courses so not sure on them. All the quizzes, discussions etc are all worth points and your overall score will be based on how many points u have. For example a quiz is worth 30 points and u get 25 points out of 30
  12. by   RnPatieno
    what book are you using for advanced patho? whats your email?
  13. by   smileyfacefee