Kindle Fire HD or HDX vs Ipad for NP school? w/4g service

  1. Curious, anyone use the Kindle fire HD for NP school instead of an ipad? I know next to NOTHING about apple products (always used an android smart phone etc) but the Kindle fires have 4g service, wifi plus run flash, where Ive always heard that the ipad doesn't. both have cloud type service and I paid for microsoft premium and have skydrive for all my documents. I am in the process of applying to NP schools (waiting right now to find out if accepted to Georgetown University) and wondering if either of these two products would be good to get?

    I currently have a full sized desktop at home for video/PC work, and an older (bit slower now) windows 7 laptop and an older kindle so trying to decide what to upgrade to for portability sake. I know if I do get GU there are online video lectures that I could watch on the go, however, I'm not sure if an Ipad can play them or not????

    Thanks for any opinions!!!

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  3. by   BritFNP
    I got a macbook air. It's light weight and easy to take to clinic. Unless you have a keyboard accessory for the iPad, the typing is not very efficient, in my opinion. I do not know anything about the kindle. Also Ipad I believe doesnt even have a USB port.
  4. by   HikingEDRN
    I am in my second semester of NP school and I got a macbook air as well. I got the 11 inch and I love how light it is and easy to carry around. I start clinicals next summer and am considering getting an ipad mini but that will be more for drug/diagnostic/patho apps that I can look at while at clinical. I am anticipating that the mini will fit in the pocket of a lab coat. I am an apple person though. Good luck with whatever you decide
  5. by   kabfighter
    I have an iPad and an Android phone and both are of absolutely no use for school. If anything, I would get a small laptop that could fit into your book bag/purse/satchel/what-have-you. You'll need the full capability of a PC or Mac to watch videos, make spreadsheets, do research, type papers, etc. Tablet computers are toys (barring a few exceptions), not productivity devices.
  6. by   Raewynv
    I have a ipad and use it all the time for doing nursing study. I am able to use it for lecture notes, research and browsing the web just fine. I also have a separate keyboard which works great for me. I have tried small laptops but have found that they are to heavy to carry (that was before some of the light laptops came out). I think it is what you feel comfortable with, which in the end will work.
  7. by   boogalina
    The new Kindle Fire HD isn't compatible with Flash, but installing the Dolphin browser solves that problem. Would suggest also having a Windows PC for reasons posted previously. To run Flash files on an iPad you would need to install the Photon browser.
  8. by   boogalina
    Forgot to say - I love using my Kindle Fire HD to read e-books.
  9. by   zmansc
    First, some schools will recommend particular hardware, so I would suggest you go with what they are most comfortable having their students use, it will make their support much better!
    Second, I'm not an apple guy, I actually prefer pc/android to apple products, so take that for what it's worth.
    I have an android phone, an ipad (school required it), and an ultrabook (lightweight windows laptop). If the school didn't require the iPad I wouldn't have gotten it. I have a keyboard cover for it, so I can do some minimal typing on it. There are apps that will allow you to edit word files, excel files, etc. Mostly I find they mess with my formatting and I have to rework them on my pc before I can submit. I do leisure time (what little I have) activities with the iPad, reading, etc, and on rare occasions I can listen to lectures on the iPad. That's about all the productivity I can get from it.
    For about the same weight I have my ultrabook that has a larger screen, more connectivity, can use a real keyboard and mouse and/or touchscreen, etc. It runs windows 8, not that I like windoze 8 that much, but that means full office, flash, etc. Oh, and it cost much less! From a productivity standpoint, no comparison, the ultrabook is hands down more useful.
    As for apps at the clinical site, I use my android phone for references (drugs, labs, etc).

    Good Luck!
  10. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Thanks for all the info guys! I love my Kindle and android products, and i figure I could at least watch the pre-recorded lectures on the kindle and use my unlimited hotspot off my cell for service. I'll just download dolphin, and go from there. I had been wanting to try apple but i'm so comfortable with my desktop PC and android devices i'd hate to spend the money and it not be worth it. I'm trying to get into Georgetown University and found that there 2GU server for school is on the android app and apple apps so i'm guessing it's compatible with both. I am not sure if they even require a tablet device anyway. =) I appreciate the comments though!