Herzing University FNP online?

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    Hello All. I need help. Ive been going to family members that are trying to give good advice but Im not seeing their point. Ok, I contacted Herzing to inqire about an article I'd read about their fnp program. I was told that I stilll had time to submit my application as long as my BSN gpa was 2.7 or greater....This is the first class so they arent accreditated (anyone know how that works?) The price is 38000...is that average? And clinicals start the second 8 weeks....i have to find my own preceptor tho they do offer assistance. In a way I want to be happy but I dont kno crap about this school and ive searched. It just seems so easy to get in...any advice?

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    Which Herzing are you looking at? If you search "Herzing" you will find some opinions. I know the one in Madison, WI does not have a good reputation for their RN program. I am not sure if it ever got accredited or not, but that was a huge issue. It is also outrageously expensive, and I know someone who left and had to take pharm over because everything at Herzing was open book for that class and she learned absolutely nothing. BUT I have no idea about their FNP program or their other campuses for that matter. I hope you get some answers! But yes, definitely do some research before committing to Herzing :-)
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    Personally I think it is incredibly expensive. They were bugging me for some time when I was looking for a online bsn program and it was 33,000 and I said "NO WAY". I found a different program that is only 8,000. Keep looking there are different schools out there keep looking!
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    The BSN to DNP program I am about to begin is 3 years at only costs about 21K per year so yes I would say ouch!
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    $60,000 for your DNP?? Wow!! or is that a typo? I noticed you said "only?" I have always wondered how much a DNP cost..
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    Considering that is what some pay for undergraduate I feel like it is not bad. I have had zero loans until this point in my education as I was fortunate that my husband could pay for my education. At this point that is no longer feesible so I will take loans. It is cheaper than his PharmD was and it is an investment in our future. I believe if it means enough to you then you find a way.
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    No, not that bad I suppose!  I had no idea what a program like that cost! I was just confused since I thought you were saying not go to Herzing because $38,000 seemed too high, but I think I misread your post.  And yes, many undergrads have that kind of debt! :-) Through what school is your program?  Is it full time? Good luck with everything!! :-)
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    I am attending Loyola University New Orleans program. There are actually quite a few of us on here in the cohort about to begin. Also, 21K per year still beats 38K per year any day of the week to me, lol
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    I thought she meant 38K for the whole program!! wow, yes 21K definitely beats 38K then! lol Good luck with your program!!!
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    Hi Mom To 4!
    I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I meant no offense with being surprised at the cost of your program!! I am not sure how that came across on the computer :-) It just showed my ignorance at the cost of masters and NP programs :-) I quite honestly had no idea how much they cost...but when I think about it, it does make sense for the education/degree you are getting. :-) Best of luck in your program!
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