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Hello everyone, I have not been able to find a thread for Fall 2013 Georgetown applicants! So I am hoping that I did not look over any, and if I did, please let me know so that I can join in. I applied to the Georgetown's... Read More

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    Hi Tasha
    Sorry, I don't have a copy of my video. I created it from their website and you cannot save a personal copy. I submitted my application and the video went with it. I cannot even access what I submitted (so save copies for yourself). I will apply at UC also. It is definitely more affordable. I like that at Georgetown you can attend classes live. So, you already did everything for your application but the video? WOW very nice because I thought I had a good head start since they are admitting for November right now. It doesn't seem like anyone in here is applying for November or January. I'll let you know when I hear something.
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    Thanks for letting me know. Sheesh I'm super nervous about doing that video. I hope my Sciences GPA is high enough too. I screwed around my first year of college and didn't get that great of grades, however, the last two years of school I have had 3.0 for my AAS in nursing and a 3.7 for my BSN =) I seriously want this school badly, but again if it's not meant to be then I have University of Cincinnati in my back pocket just in case. The reason I chose those two is because i"m 1/2 way through my final course for my BSN and they are two of the only MSN program schools that I know will give a provisional acceptance prior to graduation based on your unofficial/official transcripts. My admission adviser told me it would take about 3wks to get either an acceptance or a denial. I hadn't seen any comments about Nov or Jan applications either. I'm sure a lot of people are shying away due to the higher cost of GU. UC is only liked $35K I think for the entire program and no campus visits. I think their pass rate is around 90-92% for licensing too. Anyway good luck and please do let me know what you find out! =)
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    Any word yet CK?
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    They told me no. Bummer.
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    Oh I'm so sorry CK! That is a bummer! Do they at least give a reason for why the denial? I also applied to University of Cincinnati for FNP, still waiting on a transcript and a letter of recommendation to be received. I know they told me 6-8 wks to find out. How long did it take for them to come back and give you an answer after they received your app?
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    Quote from CKPierce
    They told me no. Bummer.

    Hey have you heard of nursing@simmons ? it's set up just like Georgetown University program (videos, asynch and synch and pre-recorded lectures) i think around 40-50K for the entire thing? I'm looking into that one as well! =)
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    I think that simmons has you find your own preceptors which is a lot to ask at those prices.
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    They have a preceptor department, you can give your suggestions for who you would like to precept you (even at the place you currently work, as long as you dont' work under the people you currently work with), and they take care of the entire vetting process. This was one of my questions when I applied. Most all schools ask NP students to find their own preceptors, this was not something I was overly concerned with and honestly I would prefer to network and find my own so that I'm comfortable with the person I'm working with during clinicals. Since my office has 8 other family clinics, plus other clinics we refer our patients out to, I know I won't have trouble filling those spots. I suppose that might be daunting to a student that doesn't have contacts or is afraid to make contacts. So far most all people I've talked to, including my medical director has given me names and has spoken of me to others so when the time comes I will have a list to choose from.
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    Thats good news. We have 4 B & M programs in my area and I don't want to find that there isn't room for me at the table of students.
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