Georgetown Online FNP Fall 2013 Applicants


Hello everyone,

I have not been able to find a thread for Fall 2013 Georgetown applicants! So I am hoping that I did not look over any, and if I did, please let me know so that I can join in.

I applied to the Georgetown's on-campus FNP program and received an email last night that they are no longer offering on-campus instruction, but that my application will still be looked at normally for their online program.

Has anyone heard anything about their application process? How is everything going for anyone?

Hope to hear from some of your soon!


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Hi there! Good luck with applying! I just started this January 2013 cohort and so far everything has been awesome! Classes just started and it is definitely fast paced and tons of info! When I applied the end of November, the application process was pretty quick! It is a lot of stuff to do, with the shadowing, the interview video, etc. but once I had everything in and my application was final, I heard the decision in 4 DAYS! I got an email on a Sunday night that said I was accepted!

You shouldn't be too bummed that they no longer offer the campus program, because truly the way the classes are conducted via webcam format, it really feels like an in-person class! Good luck with the application!! Let me know if you have any questions at all!


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Thanks for your comment! I have heard that in the past they respond SO quickly to their applicants, but I have heard from two different people at Georgetown that it is different this time around. They are hoping to have made decisions no later than the beginning of March! Eeek! Apparently they have so many more applicants than usual.. (no surprise!)

You really feel that you are attending an in-person class?! That is so awesome what technology can do :) Did you have any RN experience before applying? From which BSN school did you graduate? Can you tell me more about how the online courses work?

Thanks again.. I really appreciate it!


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Yeah the class time is definitely different, but so similar to a regular class. I had about 3 1/2 years of RN experience when I applied -- all in Surgical Oncology (no peds, women's health, or primary care as you have to answer in the application). I received by BSN from East Carolina University.

The online classes are extremely easy to navigate and you go through a pretty extensive orientation to get familiar with how everything works. So I have two classes this semester (pathophysiology and biostatistical research) and the classes were available for the most part Tuesday-Friday at random times throughout the day. You register just like you would any class and the time you register for is the time you be in class for the remainder of the semester. For example if you have Patho on Wednesday from 1-3pm then every Wednesday you will have that class with the same professor and same classmates. There are modules to do each week before class that include some pre-recorded lectures on power points, etc...these are to prepare you for class time so you can spend time discussing the material and answering questions.

Hopefully you find out soon! As I said, so far it has been awesome and more than I could have expected!


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Are there any scholarship programs because the price is pretty steep with me being from Texas


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There are many places online to apply for scholarships, you just have to find some and apply. Many places have loan repayment programs that will pay back a portion of your loans (if not all) for working in certain areas. When applying, the advisors are helpful with providing websites that have scholarship and loan programs for your area.

Hope that helps!


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Hi, I had some questions if you dont mind.

I was also supposed to start with the Jan 2013 cohort but had to defer to April because of my severe pregnancy morning sickness (on IV therapy daily). Hoping it will get better by then!

Im also in the Part time program and want to know what you think of the program, the setting, the instructor and just overall.

Also, do you mind sending me the syllabus on both classes (patho and stats) that way i know how much is expected of the student and mentally prepare myself while i wait!

Anything will help! To be honest im super nervous , also plan on working and have a family!

Thank you so much!!!

Here is my email!


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Has 14 years experience.

I am currently in the process of applying for Sept 2013 as well. I just started it today so it will be a while before I am finished. The admissions counselor that I am using told me that it is taking a couple of weeks to hear back after the applications are completed. Have you heard back from them jenny.j?


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I am applying for the June 2013 start date. I have 2 more letters of recommendation to be completed before they will submit my application for review. Have you heard anything yet?


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I have also applied for the June 2013 start date. I am waiting on 1 more letter of recommendation.

Have you heard anything back yet?


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Hi one of my BFFs applied for June, 2013 cohort. She just called and told me her application was submitted for review by faculty this afternoon.


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I was curious about this program do you have to find your own clinical areas and preceptors.