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Hi all, I am thinking about applying to Frontier for the FNP Program. While I have read and heard great things about the midwifery program, I haven't heard much about the FNP Program. I would... Read More

  1. by   kelluvanurse
    I posted elsewhere regarding which route to take as a ADN to FNP and I came across this old posting and it sounds like an answer to my prayers. Just wondering if anyone would estimate about how many hrs a week you spend doing parttime. I really think Im going to apply to this school, I have been a RN for almost 13 yrs and my GPA was a 3.7 so Im thinking I should be able to get in but there are no classes open until Aug! Thats a while to wait but Im thinking it will be worth. I was thinking that maybe I could do some general ed classes at our local college until then. Thanks to everyone who responds and congrats to all that have been recently accepted!
  2. by   linearthinker
    Didn't go to Frontier, but I spent probably 12-16 hours a week per class in my program. HTH.
  3. by   japasuze
    Quote from mom2michael
    Full time has required me to spend anywhere from 10-60 hours per week depending on the week and the class and what is going on that week. There is no way to tell you if it will be too much or too little because I honestly have no idea how tired you are after coming home from work. To me the idea of coming home after 8 hours of work and doing 8-10 hours of homework just makes me way to but that's me

    You are allowed to change your status one time (from full to part time or vice versa). All FNP students start with just 2 classes the first term so you have a chance to "test the waters".

    My only concern for you - when you reach your clinical portion what are you going to do? FNP students generally complete their clinicals in a clinic which is open M-F from 8-5. Just something mull over when you think about ideas......
    Hi Mom2Michael-

    I am planning to apply to the FNP program part-time, but our financial position is such that I really need to work full-time. I think I will be fine during the coursework part of the program, but are you saying that it's very difficult, or maybe impossible to work full-time during the clinical portion? I worked full-time while working on my ADN and my BSN and while it was difficult at times, it worked out okay and I survived, fortunately. :-) It's just me and my husband at home, so no kids to taxi to ball games and such, which will help.
  4. by   aet111
    Hi, I've read that a problem with online programs is finding a clinical in your location and sometimes this can be so tough that students can't finish their Masters. Does Frontier STRONGLY help you secure clinicals in the geographic area in which you live? THX!
  5. by   ICURN099
    Question on the GPA. I tried to get ahold of the school, but am unable to so thought I would post on here.

    The site states that they take your GPA from your "most recent degree" does this mean they will only calculate in my GPA from my Associates Degree In Nursing, and not do a cumulative of ALL post high school coursework?

    The reason I ask, is I have above a 3.3 for my ADN and LPN coursework, but have a VERY LOW GPA for my post high school attempt to go to a state school and unfortunatly it pulls my cumulative below the required 2.7 (take GRE).

    Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!
  6. by   Fairy dust
    I was wondering about frontier clinical placements as well.... Is it a bad idea to apply without a lead on preceptors?
  7. by   applesRN
    Just an update, I was accepted into Frontier! Frontier Bound in the fall!
  8. by   Broadway404
    I applied to Frontier over the summer for the post-grad certification for WHNP. Class 99 was the next available. Does anyone know when the notifications are sent as to whether or not you were accepted? I never received a phone interview.

  9. by   NAURN
    You will be notified of acceptance 6-8 weeks before your scheduled Frontier Bound date. They stick to this. Rarely do they send out notifications early. They did away with the phone interview, so you won't have one of those.

    Good Luck!
  10. by   Joebird21
    So do they have recorded lectures you can watch online? Or do you mainly have to just read what pages etc.. they assign and then do assignments based on the readings?
  11. by   NAURN
    There is a lot of independent learning that is expected on your part. There are some live classroom sessions that are recorded if you can't be there live. There is a lot of group work involved. The push community and being involved with your classmates so they make you work together. Its definitely not "read this, test that" sort of thing. Its not going to be easy at all. There are oral presentations to do, case presentations to present, etc. They seem to have worked around all the things that would normally get from a more traditional classroom and put them into the more non traditional online setting.
  12. by   JazzyT
    So I know this is an old thread, but didn't get any response when I posted a separate thread. I recently applied to Frontier for the FNP class 101 which would mean Frontier Bound in May. The waiting to find out if I am accepted is going to be a killer! Anyone else applied yet?
  13. by   jd2186

    I am applying for that same class, hopefully starting in May. I am sending in my full packet on Monday. I have been accepted to another FNP program, starting in Jan 2012, but they are charging almost double tuition because I will be considered out-of-state student, so I am hoping to be Frontier bound in May as well. I bet we won't hear anything until march of next year.