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Failed the AANP and ANCC - page 13

Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD... Read More

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    I have a slew of questions .
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    Quote from lillyarnp2013

    I have a slew of questions .
    Are you referring to practice questions? I have lost count of how many I have taken!! I retest tomorrow and panic has indeed set in!
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    Interesting read. Thanks to everyone who posted. I am learning a lot.
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    It is possible to have test anxiety and not be able to pass. A friend of mine had her doc prescribe a med for her to take on test day--she passed.
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    And I thought the Fitzgerald book and questions were good. Also I attended the seminar, though I hear the CD's are the same material. We had a study group for the test and quizzed each other. We also studied the material together and we all passed! If you took the Hesi exam for NP's it is a very good predictor of pass rate.
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    Please tell me more on the questions being so similar to the exam! i have 12 days before i test!
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    Failed the AANP today! SO bummed! Scared to try again!
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    RNOB, did you feel prepared for the test? How did you prepare?
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    I did feel prepared. At the end of test I actually thought, wow this isn't as hard as I expected it to be. I felt good hitting the submit button. Crazy thing is that the questions that I have looked up that I can remember I seemed to have gotten correctly. I used the Fitzgerald CD's, Hollier & Leik books & went back to my pharm, Bates assessment, & a primary care book that we used during the program. I made A's throughout the program. How do I prepare for the next exam? Will the next exam be any easier? I have a job waiting for me. Completely bummed right now!
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    I also paid for the sample test on the AANP site.
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    Don't stress...I know its easier said than done. Keep studying. You don't need any more study materials. They will send you a letter letting you know your score and where you need to strengthen. Get a study partner. Dust yourself off and take it again. You will pass
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    quick question- did you have to take your att letter with you or just your IDs? I cannot find my ATT and I test tomorrow. Go figure.
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    Just id's when I went. Call them and ask. I'm sure they have your att