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  1. Trigger point injections

    Any thoughts on NPs doing trigger point injections? I am wondering if alabama NPs are approved to do this, and how do you go about getting approval?
  2. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    I took AANP and failed- But then I took AnCC and felt it was much harder but I was better prepared. I would definitely look over research stuff- but my test covered a lot is different stuff- so no one topic would fell you. Good luck!!
  3. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    I did the apea review course and the apea test bank-
  4. Failed the AANP

    There was Some research questions. I also read the buppert textbook which basically touches on Medicare requirements. You should be fine if u r in practice because billing stuff you should know.
  5. Failed the AANP

    I have a great job at a pulmonary office.
  6. EPIC

    My past employer used Epic, it's a great system.
  7. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    I didn't realize it was 105 of 150- I never got my actual score. I got the congratulations and that was enough for me!
  8. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    Congrats on the job offer. I would like the driving around too. Time to clear head between patients. Good luck
  9. NP pay in alabama

    I have a friend that took a job at an office, 65K. That's the offer that I received with 10K raise after 6-9 months. I know alabama pays less than most states, that stinks for us. I just wanted to make sure, this was a good starting pay and it does ...
  10. NP pay in alabama

    Question: What is starting salary for NP in alabama? I know what I've been offered. And I know what a friend of mine Makes. Just kind of wanting to get a ball park figure. Thanks
  11. AANP FNP exam

    I did questions in exam edge- I think they were good questions to study by. The questions from ApEA were also helpful!
  12. Education question

    U do need a BSN! I got the assoc, then did BSN online, then NP program!
  13. Certification Exam

    So on jan 25- I was completely and utterly devastated when the screen at prometric popped up you did not pass! It was a screen I had been anticipating since about question #3 when I began shaking into an anxiety attack. I clearly did not know the fir...
  14. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    Good luck with the job hunt!! I have am awesome job, just waiting in licensure and all of that now!!
  15. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    I think this one was a little harder because of the non clinical questions! I had made me mind up prior to this that I would retake the the AANP just to prove to self that I could pass. But in all honesty- I do not know that my test anxiety could han...