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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD... Read More

  1. by   Jane33 RN
    cc113,That test was difficult but you can do it! I failed that test the first time I took it. I know how you feel because I was there! You are not dumb! You did not get this far by being dumb! I pray that you will pass this test! Be encouraged and think positive.
  2. by   cc113
    Jane33-thanks for your encouragement. How did you study to take your test the second time and did you get any of the same questions on your second test? I am glad you got through it
  3. by   Jane33 RN
    cc113,I took the Leik webinar review course. The first time I took that test was in September 2011 then I took the ANCC and failed so I took some time off because of the stress and the holidays. I took the review course in February then I retook the AANP test in March two weeks after completing the course. It was like six months from the previous test. I knew I needed to take a review course because I felt I was studying wrong. That review course was the biggest help! It was only by the grace of God that I passed that test because it was hard. It took me the entire 3 hours! I was praising God when I saw the words pass on the screen! Yes there were some repeat questions. It was more like the same questions asked in a different way. God did it for me and He will do it for you! God bless!
  4. by   aslingtl
    OK.... I have now got a date to re-examine. I will be taking the ANCC for the second time on the 29th of this month (October).There were hardly any appointment times to pick from without having to wait a half month or more, unfortunately, I will be taking it at 6pm. On the bright time it gives me more time through out that day to glance at some things and I will not have to leave at 4 am to go take the exam at 8am like I had to do before. I continue to feel really good about this one. I feel like the Lord is going to move. Sometimes we have to go through things so we can be taught that we can not make it without the Lord. It was him that gave us the knowledge in the first place. I was in this mind set that I needed to pass the test as soon as I could because I felt like we were going to lose everything (and we would have if the Lord had not moved several times for us) but now I feel like whatever the Lords will is. He has help me this far and I know he will help me the rest of the way, to do his will. Kind of excited to get this test over with. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!
  5. by   aslingtl
    I just thought that I would let everyone know that the Lord allowed me to pass the ANCC exam yesterday. Thank you Jesus. I was not even half way through the exam and knew that I had failed it. I even randomly guessed at the last few marked questions. I went out and told the lady who gives you the results that I know I failed it. I told her it was the hardest test ever and she turned and told me " well according to the results, you passed it. I got all tore up. started crying. Thank you friends for your support.
  6. by   Jane33 RN
    Thank you Jesus!!! I knew He would do it for you!!! It's a geat feeling!!! Congrats!!!
  7. by   tryingtohaveitall
  8. by   cc113
    Congrats aslingtl!! I re-test soon and I am so worried and nervous. Did you have any of the same questions that you had on the first test or were they all different?
  9. by   mahaandai
    I took AANP exam during Hurricane in East Coast, no lights, no water, and loads of AANP questions. The questions were very convoluted and they had nothing to do with real FNP practice.

    I failed the exam. Earlier I was passing all the AANP test exams with 80% scores. I also had consulted Margaret Fitzgerald book.
    Spent lots of money into tests and prep. with no result. It seems to be another money making scam by boards.
    I believe NCLEX is far better than FNP certification exams.

    Don't know what to do next.

    Good luck nurses.
  10. by   Tinabeanrn
    Congrats Aslingtl! Thats awesome. What a weight off of your shoulders . To the previous poster, you should contact them and explain there was a hurricane going on during the do we know that the test results are even scored correctly seeing as how the power went out and everything? I would see if there is anyway you can retest for free and without doing those CEUs. They should have stopped the exam or rescheduled since there was extreme weather. Best of luck to you..and sorry that happen :/
  11. by   aslingtl
    Hey cc113,
    Thanks for the congrats. Unfortunately, my second attempt was very different. I may have had one or two of the same questions but that was about it. The biggest thing that help me was the Barley's review. My friend let me borrow her notes from 2010 and I personally think it is the better choice for people who are going to be taking the ANCC exam. I previously had looked over M. fitzgerald material but it does not cover enough of the material on the ancc exam. If you are taking the Ancc exam know this.... Research designs such as cohort studies, oberservation studies and Case studies. My first exam I had herbs on there such as blach cohash and kava kava however it was not on the second attempt. Know NP roles such as collaborator. Know what the state board of nursing does. What the DEA does. What the state practice at is. Know patient's right and your rights. Know about Abuse and who to contact first. know your cultural beliefs. I had question on Chinese and Native american beliefs. I had a lot of questions over these things alone. There were many questions on picking the correct definiton however all of the choices were very close. To be honest this exam is very hard to study for. Somethings were on there that I would have never even thought about study about. So I wish you the best and good luck.
  12. by   cc113
    @Jane33 RN,

    Thanks for the info. I took my AANP test for the second time yesterday and failed again. I feel like giving up. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I even felt like I knew the answers to moe of the questions this time. I found out I failed by 7 points on the first test. I am a wreck and I am afraid to take the test a third time fearing that I will again fail. I feel like a disgrace to my family and feel like I will never be able to pass this test. People are asking me when I will start working as an NP and I feel like such an idiot. I have done Fitz and Hollier review and I have gone through the Leik book. I even wrote notes down on the paper provided by the test center before I started my test
  13. by   Tinabeanrn
    Oh no...sweetie. I am so sorry to hear that. BUT THIS TO SHALL PASS. Trust and believe, you will pass this test. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There is some reason you're not passing, and its not because you are not preparing enough. Im unsure if its test anxiety or what, but there is some hinderance. You cant give up now. You have come much too far to give up. I know your discouraged, and rightfully so. But you have to shake yourself off and try again. My mom failed her RN boards twice. Best nurse in the world. It took her years to take it a third time and pass. But she passed. You will too. You can do this. Take some days and recoup and keep plucking away. Try your luck with the ANCC. This will be a cruel joke to you a year from now. Just remember that some of the BEST have not passed and they have turned out to be great practitioners. I will send prayers your way. Be encouraged.