Duke AGNP Spring 2017 - page 11

Hello everyone! Has anyone else applied to the AGNP program at Duke for the Spring 2017? I think I am more nervous applying to grad school than I was when I sat for my NCLEX!... Read More

  1. by   kanhosa
    I requested to join the fb group~ please add me!

    Also, here's our textbook list for this semester:

    I got most of my books on rental through Amazon. The only one I ended up buying was the pathophysiology book, since I know that's gonna require a lot of highlighting and note taking lol
  2. by   Njn237
    Hello Ladies,

    I wish I knew this thread existed months ago. I stumbled upon this thread yesterday when I was frantically researching about classes and enrollment last night when I realized classes start in a day and I had still heard nothing from my professors.

    I am also in the AGNP Spring 2017 cohort specializing in HIV/AIDS. I still do not see any of my courses listed on Sakai, is anyone on the same boat?

    I also requested to join the FB group as well.

  3. by   BonnieP
    Hi Naomi, I don't have anything in Sakai yet either.
  4. by   Njn237
    Apparently some of the courses were added last minute so it may not be up until Friday.
  5. by   DesertRN2
    Yes I am in the HIV specialty as well. Nothing we will see on Sakai until tomorrow.
  6. by   kanhosa
    Welcome, Njn237! Yeah, I was also told nothing will be up on Sakai until tomorrow. The one prof I got an email from said the first lecture won't even be up until next Monday, so I think this week might be pretty slow schoolwork-wise.
  7. by   kanhosa
    Just checked Sakai again. I see one course up! (N582) So exciting!!
  8. by   pana92
    Hi everyone: I got back from Durham today thank goodness no flights cancelled. I added all the requests I got to the FB group Duke Nurse Practitioner Students Spring 2017 Cohort. I'm excited we will have a space to communicate now! I still can't see anything on my Sakai, so I reached out to the professor and he said his class would start on Monday. I have not heard from the other professor. DUSON was open today at noon so I called and was told that they will be mailing out ID cards and all information to us by next week. Has anyone set up their VPN yet I asked about that today and that is what allows us to remotely connect to Duke on a secure platform. I don't know about anyone else I'm still feeling a little lost still. Great to have others to compare notes with!
  9. by   Minnesota Betty
    That is really too bad about traveling prior to orientation cancellation. Ugh. Has anyone heard about when orientation will be or if there will be one? What classes are you all taking? I'm in 591, 595 and 842. I'm also supposed to be taking 594 but haven't been able to get in yet so can't see the material on Sakai. I sent a request to be added to the FB page as well.
  10. by   Matthew.RN
    Hey everyone, I am a prospective student for the BSN-DNP spring 2018 cohort, I was offered an interview last week. I applied to do my MSN as an FNP with HIV specialty and then of course the DNP. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the first year had went? Do you feel like duke was the best choice, would you still choose them knowing what you know now? Was it worth the price you paid? Any pointers for the interview? And what is this assessment thing y'all had to do the first semester? Also what is the meetings on campus like or about each semester? Thanks!