Considering FNP programs but have psych RN experience

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question...I currently have about 1 year of RN experience but it is in the psych field. Do I need med-surg experience before I can get into grad school for FNP program? I know FNP programs are very competitive nowadays. Any advise/suggestions are appreciated!
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  3. by   PatMac10,RN
    A nurse who works at my hospital if employment got rejected from the only FNP program he applied for. The committee said he had very good experience, but not with all age ranges. He had been an nurse for over 6 years in the ICU, when he applied. So he volunteered a few ours at a urgent care/family clinic on some weekends to gain exposure to all ages. He applied again the next year and got in. Now he will be graduating in the winter if 2013!

    I am but sure if this is the case with all schools though. I've known some nurses to go on to be FNPs with only Adult-Med-Surg and LTC experience under their belt. Many schools specify 1-3 years of experience required or preferred, but don't specify what kind if experience.
  4. by   elkpark
    Different schools have different policies; you can always ask schools you're interested in. I had a PMHNP student for clinical last year who had spent her entire career working in ICU, but she got accepted into a psych grad program (I;m still kinda puzzled by that one, esp. after working with her in her clinical practicum, but, okay, it wasn't my decision to make ... )
  5. by   shunthor
    Quote from PatMac10,SN
    Many schools specify 1-3 years of experience required or preferred, but don't specify what kind if experience.
    Yes, I've noticed this too, which is why I asked this I just recently started searching schools but since its the holiday season I can't talk to anyone in admissions. I'll definitely ask once the school opens up. Just thought I'd ask the community if they knew.
  6. by   ktann87
    Hi, I have TCU and Psych experience and I am still planning on applying to all FNP programs. I specified in my personal statement that I would like to continue with some mental health but that FNP would open me up to a broader area of medicine (you can get an FNP with a psych or mental health certificate afterward; I'm not sure if thats definitely what I want to do, but I do love psych). Anyway, I'm probably not much help because I haven't actually applied anywhere yet. I am still wrapping up my admissions packets and will hopefully have them all sent within the next month. I am pretty nervous about getting accepted since FNP is getting so competitive Let me know if you hear anything on your end!
  7. by   TASHA_RN_BSN
    I'm in the same boat I have been a psych nurse for 10 years and i have worked with 4 year olds-99 years old. I thought applying for the PMHNP would be the most logic route. Then I thought I don't want to limit my opportunities. I am thinking FNP then getting certified in psych. I have very limited med-surg experience I don't know if I would even get accepted. Keep me posted on what you guys find out.