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Hello, Iam taking the ANCC in March, I have used the Fitzgerald review in the past and was not successful, has anyone used the Barkley review and if so were you successful??? Thanks in advance for... Read More

  1. by   ROLO
    Took Barkley (ACNP) last December (2011) in Mobile, Alabama. I love him. I want to marry him. He is fantastic, and knows his stuff. I studied (off and on) until March (2012) when I took and passed the exam. His study guide is great, too. I take it to work with me (I have a bag of resources that I cannot live without).

    Good luck!
  2. by   ROLO
    Forgot to mention: Sign-up can get his CDs...I wish I had had them while I was still in school.
  3. by   hotpinkdiva
    I just completed WHNP program and now preparing national certification. Do any of you have Barkley cds and books you would like to sale? Looking to take test late Jan. Thanks
  4. by   anfn
    Iam taking the Barkley/ Fitzgerald review course. I borrowed the CD's and I need the manual desperately. I am willing to pay for the book. I just need it quickly. If anyone can help please email me at Thanks, Ann
  5. by   ryguyRN
    Has anyone lately had success with the Barkley review, was the live course worth the $$?
  6. by   phillycpnp-pc
    Quote from ryguyRN
    Has anyone lately had success with the Barkley review, was the live course worth the $$?
    I passed the boards on 1/31/14. I used other materials in addition to the Barkley Review. I found it very helpful in passing the boards. I did not do the live review but the home study, which is a recording of the live review.
  7. by   bebaRN
    Quote from phillycpnp-pc
    I passed the boards on 1/31/14. I used other materials in addition to the Barkley Review. I found it very helpful in passing the boards. I did not do the live review but the home study, which is a recording of the live review.
    What other resources did u use or find helpful to pass the exam? Also did you take the AANP or ANCC? Still trying to decide between Barkley live or recordings. Any suggestions?

  8. by   phillycpnp-pc
    Well I'm a PNP so I did the PNCB exam. My resources probably wouldn't be much help. I used text books, aap and cdc websites for certain things, did case studies, used pediatric ecam study guides, did tons of questions, and did mosbys online review.
    I spent so much money on study materials and the exam itself, I didn't want to pay for a live class/hotel stay etc. I borrowed the recordings from a classmate, so no cost to me.
    If your to able to do a live review, you should to do it. Or check out ebay someone might be selling the cds with the study guide for a lot cheaper.
  9. by   LubbockNP
    I am using the Barkley ACNP review CDs and booklet and the Sally Miller ACNP review questions book for ANCC. I took this exam back in 2005 and passed it with the Fitz Sally Miller live course. The weird thing was, I was deeply disappointed in the course ( I though it was not enough information). But when I took the exam I passed it on the first try. I let my cert lapse and now must take the boards again. But this time I am more worried than I was the first time.
  10. by   Penelope99
    I see this thread is old, but it comes up when Googling Barkley. I took his FNP review this weekend and I highly recommend it. Here are my thoughts:
    -Really organized
    -Easy to follow
    -Valuable study tips, mnemonics, and charts to learn/retain key facts

    Barkley gives specific recommendations about the timing of taking the review in relation to sitting for the boards. I graduate in 3.5 months. Here is what I would do if I could go back and do some things differently:

    -Listen to the CDs as soon as I finished health assessment. I have them in my car and the repetition really helps. I find myself talking out loud with the answers before he says them. I think everyone could benefit from the info on the CDs early in their program.
    -Focus on a body system and know it. I am doing that now. I think clinicals would have been a better learning experience if I was more knowledgeable beforehand about certain areas (my background is cardiac/critical care and I had deficits in things like GERD, hypo/hyperthyroid, etc.)
    -Take steps to maintain a school/work/life balance. This is really important. Barkley spoke about self esteem and confidence when learning and testing. Going back to the novice role is really tough. I've been a nurse for more than 20 years and it is very unsettling to feel overwhelmed again. I have gained weight and do not exercise near as much as I used to. I recommend that you make a plan with your partner/family/friends to manage your schedule for the next 2 years. It is a big adjustment for you and your family. Figure out how meals, housekeeping, and family time will be planned. Explain that you are not rejecting your partner or family when you are holed up with your computer and books. Keep the end goal in sight!

    When I read the reviews for the different courses, I see that some will say that they did not pass. That is everyone's greatest fear. However, it is important that we take ownership of our learning. I have seen negative reviews for all 3 of the courses. We have to remember they are review courses. We are in school to learn. It is unrealistic to expect that a review course can give you all the information you were responsible for over the last 2 years.

    I've got the CDs for all 3 of the review courses (I buy reviews like I buy shoes--lots of them!) They are all great. Each presenter has their own way of presenting things. I am going to take the ANCC. I will check back in after boards.

    Best of luck to all!
  11. by   LubbockNP
    My ACNP is lasped (FNP never lapsed) and I am retaking the ANCC at the end of May. I just can't seem to get motivated. I don't know what is is going to take. This has me concerned but when I block up time to study I can't focus my brain on the task at hand.

    Frustrated experienced NP
  12. by   haels
    @Penelope99- When do you take the boards? Would you be willing to sell me your Barkley CDs/workbook when you're done with it? Good luck!
  13. by   catrn4
    Just finished the Barkley FNP review in Tampa. Worth every penny! I will be sitting for boards next month, and have been studying the workbook and listening to the audio. Dr. Barkley offered very good tips for planning your study sessions and mastering the material. I feel more confident in my ability to pass after having attended the live course. For those looking to buy workbooks- doubt you will find many people willing to give up this valuable review tool. It is constructed so that it will be valuable for practice as well.
    Good luck!