Anyone in or went through Graceland University Online FNP???

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    I have been looking around for good NP online schools and I came across Graceland University. Is there anyone on here that has went through their FNP program or is currently in their program that could help me find out if it is the right school for me??? i dont want to go into the wrong one and end up paying money for a college that wont give me a good education!!! THANKS!!!!

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    I just started their program this fall part time. Also a friend of mine is a little more than halfway through the program and has liked it so far and has found it to be a good program for her. I spent a couple days at the campus during the 3rd week of classes (this was mandatory) and they spent a good deal of time discussing all of the courses, expectations, clinicals, etc. It was also a good way to network and meet those students you are interacting with online.
    There is also another week that you are expected to be on campus during the program, for the advanced health assessment class. The rest is online and clinicals are set up in your home location-the instructors make a visit to your site to test you out for the clinical portion.
    So far, it seems like a well run program, faculty is very professional and nice and we were told on campus they have a 95% pass rate for NP exam. Hope this helps-good luck!
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    Is it a hard program to get into? I've only been an RN for 3 months but been an LPN for a year now. I only have a 2 year degree. I just didnt know how hard of a program it was for an inexperienced nurse with a 2 year degree.
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    They do offer a RN to MSN track-I would start there as you are required to have a bachelor's first in order to go on for Master's in FNP and this would be a nice way to streamline it. As far as for me, I have my bachelor's degree with 5 years experience in Med-surg, hospice and mostly ER. There were close to 200 applicants this year with only 60 or so admitted, so it is competitive. I believe the least amount of experience I found for others in the class was 2 years. But if you start working on your bachelor's degree you will have that experience by the time you start the MSN portion. Also, from what I heard they do look strongly at GPA.
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    I graduated August 31 from the Graceland University online, family nurse practitioner track. If you start your BSN with them (I did the RN to MSN and you work on the BSN part first) it is to your benefit. They accept qualified current students over students with same qualifications with a BSN from another college. Good luck
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    I start in April of this year. How are you liking the program. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I would love to hear from anyone attending this program as well!
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    I am finishing up my application to Graceland University, and I would like to know your GPA before admission into the program. ***just curious of students GPA that are admitted into the program to determine how likely I am to get admitted into the program
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    Can any past graduates or current students give us feedback on Graceland's FNP program?

    Helpful/responsive instructors/staff towards students? Guidance from instructors/advisors that want students to succeed?
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    I am a Graceland RN to MSN graduate (2009), and I have nothing but positive things to say with one caveat (below). The instructors were excellent, and the dean was very involved. I did a lot of writing and research during my time there which has been helpful to me in my job and as a current DNP student (University of Alabama, will graduate in three months). Now as on online student you must be capable of self direction and disciplined, but that is true of any school I suppose.

    Now, to be very clear, you will learn much at school, but you will learn more during your clinical rotations, and those are preceptor/location dependent. I lived in Atlanta at the time so I was doing my rotations at the same places and with the same preceptors as Emory University and Georgia state students. This leads to the caveat.

    There was an issue that was not particular to Graceland: I had to find my own preceptors which was nerve wracking. You have to find a preceptor and then establish a site contract with the facility. This can take months (and months) because it involves lawyers/legal departments in some cases (mostly larger facilities...smaller private offices not so much). There were two rotations where I didn't get my paperwork completed until almost right before my rotation. Meaning I would've had to miss the class and wait until the following semester. Many traditional brick/mortar schools often already have those set up, but some do not.

    Hope this helps,


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