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I am currently looking into and applying to several FNP programs. I am wondering if anyone has attended or is attending either Kaplan or Walden? If so, what has your experience been like so far. Thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from lepew
    Consider this catching hell for your comments about Walden. FYI I was accepted to many school and CHOSE Walden. You don't go there to pass boards- you already had to have a minimum of an Associates degree and be a RN. I did their MSN with a specialization in Nursing education. They did not have an FNP when I went. I found the work challenging and I learned a lot. It is a widely recognized and accepted university. You had to maintain a high GPA and if it dropped you were dismissed. I guess every university has some bad apples. I got a great Education there.
    Oh yes- they are accredited by the CCNE so I guess they are doing something right
    The CCNE seems to accredit anyone. They don't have very high standards when compared to PA or MD accrediting bodies. Hence why we have for profit schools in the first place, as well as HUGE variability between the quality of NP graduates.
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    I was considering Kaplan. How is your experience with them?
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    I too am considering Kaplan for the MSN-FNP program. I did my research and you can work in CA as an FNP with a degee and cert from Kaplan and believe that any and all of the online programs have pros and cons and are what you make of them. I am a full time OR nurse with a husband and 2 small children. I am aware that I will have to sacrifice things to complete the program but I am fully ready to take the challenge. As for finding clinical preceptorships, I am in agreement with others on this site that have pointed out that you need good connections. I am starting classes Oct 15 and am already looking to solidify a preceptorship even though its a ways away. I would love to connect with other students in the program from the Southern California region. Good luck to all.