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  1. Jerrysdogmommy

    I want to leave nursing....now what do I do?!

    Nursing is a 2nd career for me (although I have 10 months left til I graduate) & I've thought about this too, if nursing doesn't pan out, I'd either go to law school or get my Masters in Biotech (after I take some more sciences classes) and work in a research lab. Maybe you can look at one of those fields. My first "career" didn't thrill me to pieces either so please don't feel badly!! You gave it your all!!
  2. Jerrysdogmommy

    army nurse specialty training

    Thanks for getting back with me!! The perioperative course sounds like a great opportunity and so does the clinical nurse specialist at the military's university. Can I request going to Fort Sam to attend that course or is it up to the service to decide where I go to school for this (Fort Lewis or Fort Bliss)?
  3. Jerrysdogmommy

    army nurse specialty training

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to find any info what an Army Perioperative Nurse does? Could someone give me a snapshot of this? Also, what things do you learn in perioperative training? Thanks!! :) I'm seriously considering this as my option when I board in October.
  4. Jerrysdogmommy

    questions about army nurse corp

    Thanks for the reply!! So, from what I understand, my recruiter is wrong by saying I apply for my course when I get into the service? I don't want to get the short-end of the stick!! What does an Army OB nurse do? Is it like civilian OB? Do they do humanitarian missions?
  5. Jerrysdogmommy

    questions about army nurse corp

    I will graduate with my BSN in May 2011 and am getting boarded this October. Q: Am I able to have a course speciality in my contract or do I get the 66H generic course speciality? Or do I select one when I get in? I've asked my recruiter this but I was told I apply for a course when I get in. I'm between ER (I need a Letter of Recommendation for this) or OB. Thanks for any words of wisdom!!!