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Hi! I got the call I was accepted in to USC's FNP program. I will be starting Fall 2017. Just wanted to reach out to anyone who is currently in the program or got accepted as well :cat:... Read More

  1. by   wiseblondie07
    I would love you view on the program if possible! What are your thoughts so far? Also, are you working? I am planning on working full time, and was wondering if you think this program would be too difficult to do both?
  2. by   ella2990
    I got accepted into the bridge program April of 2017. I start the bridge program this Sept 2017. My GPA was ok. I asked why I was enrolled in a bridge program rather than the traditional one. They told me sine I've been out of school for almost 4 years (got my BSN back in 2013) and that I was an international student. -__-.. I'm excited tho.

    Yay to us future FNP!!
  3. by   ella2990
    I did the online orientation, the faculty does NOT recommend future FNP student to work full time AND go to school full time. They said the course is pretty fast and rigorous. I'll be doing part time school and full time work.
  4. by   Christinebsn1
    Quote from LupeRN
    Hello ,
    For those that were accepted into Fall 2017, what were your stats such as GPA, experience, and anything else that could help others if they want to apply. I did apply recently and was wondering if I had a chance or not! lol
    My GPA was 4.0 for my associates, previous college nonnursing 4.0 and my WGU for my BSN 3.0 GPA as it is pass/fail. So my accumulative GPA is 3.8.
  5. by   LupeRN
    Thanks for replying! I did get an acceptance from USC but after passing their bridge course so I opted for another FNP program that is less expensive and I would go straight into the FNP program.
    For those who are curious about getting into USC: my cumulative GPA was only 3.3, my BSN GPA was 3.77. ED experience of 5 years.
  6. by   renzlao
    I start the bridge this fall too! Lets connect!
  7. by   blessednurse2
    Thank you for that information!!
  8. by   blessednurse2
    When you begin class could you write a post or two, so we can hear your experience. I am interested in applying to the program as well. Thank you.
  9. by   blessednurse2
    Thank you for the detailed information, I am thinking of applying as well. You are definitely in the thick of the program. Do you like it? I have a family and work part time, is it doable? Just finished my BSN this summer online so I need to get right back in a program? Are the instructors really helpful? Can you really obtain scholarships or loan repayment programs? Thanks, sorry for all the questions!!
  10. by   TPI RN
    renzlao how are you liking the program so far?Are you able to start the bridge course simultaneously with first semester courses or does it have to be completed ahead of everything?

    I'm in the process of applying to the program. Thanks for the info!
  11. by   TPI RN
    blessednurse2 have you decided on applying? I am in the process of doing so now
  12. by   TPI RN
    ella2990 how are you liking the program so far?

    In the process of applying for acceptance, would love your thoughts.
  13. by   TPI RN
    FoolofaTook, when are the live courses scheduled? The admissions counselor I recently spoke to said they're generally offered from 8a-8p throughout the week. Is this accurate? I'm curious about the flexibility. Thanks for your input!