Any study abroad NP programs? Any study abroad NP programs? | allnurses

Any study abroad NP programs?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any NP programs that have sections of the program available in a study abroad format? Or offer anything with in international component?

    I am looking to get my NP and would love to do something that involves travel.
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    I know of a colleague who attended an FNP program (UCLA) where they spent clinicals in an out-patient facility in Mexico. It is not part of the curriculum but more of an elective rotation as part of a medical mission. I would suppose there are other programs that will have similar opportunities especially by offering free services in developing countries.
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    The insurance issues would be tremendous. However, many schools might let you do clinicals on US soil, which includes US Embassies and military bases. I did some at Navy hospital on Marine base in Okinawa.
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    Loyola University Chicago has a yearly mission to Belize. I don't think it is for credit but the care provided in their clinic counts towards your clinical requirement.
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    NYU offers mini semesters (usually during breaks between traditional semesters) abroad. They are theory classes like "Issues and Trends" where no clinical component is required. I know for sure Buenos Aires and Abu Dabai (sp?) are options, there may be more but I'm not sure.