18 more months

  1. After 4 years of undergrad, it feels good to say I'm about to be done with my second semester of FNP school which leaves me with 18 more months. This full time load has been hell on me emotionally and I'm happy to say if I made it through this semester of Theory, Research, and Patho that I think I can make it through the rest. 18 more months WHOOHOO!!!!
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    Best of luck, the FNP classes are when it gets interesting!
  4. by   NerdyNikki
    Congrats on this great success : ) I am also in the same boat. Sometime counting down the time is the greatest inspiration and is also a testimony in how far you have come
  5. by   jenpenslc
    I am right there with you as well. Looking forward to moving forward, and getting closer to the light at the end end! My count down began with the first day, it's nice to have another semester almost completed...
  6. by   phillycpnp-pc
    That's awesome. I'm in PNP school and i have 12 1/2 months left of school just clinical next year scared and excited but its what ive worked so hard towards. Good luck yo you!
  7. by   NJprisonrn
    We can do it! I'm almost finished my first semester of full time FNP school. Wow, it's not easy, especially when I'm working part time. Let's all just keep swimming until we reach the end of our programs. It's happen before we know it!!!