1. I am starting pre-reqs for the USD program this summer - and hoping for acceptance into the program in Fall of '08. Does anyone have any experience with the internet program? If so, how was it? Or just the program in general - were you happy with it? I met with one of the admin with the program, and she has been nothing but wonderful. I have high hopes for the best with this!

    Also - anyone by chance living out near Ellsworth? We just move here a few months ago.. still getting to know the area!
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  3. by   PurpleFlower
    I am an internet student there and I love the internet program! I love having the freedom to study and learn when I want or have the time. The first 2 instructors are wonderful and very nice and helpful! If you can't budget time to study though I would consider the day program because you must learn the information yourself no one to listen to! I hope you get accepted! Are you from the area?
  4. by   ahartvigson
    We are stationed out at the base in Box Elder, right near Rapid City. We just got here about 3 months ago.. we came from overseas. I am a stay at home mom and about to start home daycare, so the internet program would SO SO SO SO great for me! Don't get me wrong, if I get into the traditional program I will be more than happy to go.. but it would be at quite an expense. Second car, daycare fo my two.. it would add up. I am actually going to be doing most of my schooling online, both courses this summer are online.

    Are you from the area?

    Thanks for some positive info on the program!
  5. by   PurpleFlower
    Yep I actually live on the westside of town! Be ready for spending lots of time studing and at clinicals! It takes more and more of your time as the sem go up! It is a great program though I love how you can study when ever you want to!