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    hello, any other mtc students here? always could use some advice from a fellow student!

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    USC grad here. But I have nothing but admiration for MTC. They provide an excellent Nursing education and a great pass rate on the NCLEX.
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    I graduated from MTC School of Nursing in '99. What semester are you in?
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    Quote from scrn1
    i graduated from mtc school of nursing in '99. what semester are you in?
    i just finished my first semester (fundamentals) and will be going inti med/surg next semester. any tips would be appreciated.thanks in advance!
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    Blackberry4eva, I am starting fundamentals this spring in the new evening program. How was it? Any good tips?
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    Quote from sahm02
    blackberry4eva, i am starting fundamentals this spring in the new evening program. how was it? any good tips?
    congrats on getting into the program! i heard about the evening program starting next semester it will be interesting to see how that turns out. a friend of mine will be going evenings as well. any tips....study and study all the time! clinicals testing is unlike any that you have had thus far. they are not cut and dry, it's all scenerios.there could be 4 perfectly good answers,but you will need to choose the "best" one and it's not how you think, you have to think like instructors.also memorizing does not work here. you need to "know" the info. if at all possible try to make b's or above in the beginning so that you will not be stressed out come final. don't stress to hard if you make c's though,it's quite common as it was for me. also prepare to not hang out as much because nursing will consume your life! don't wait till test time to study, it's too much info all at once. get your books early, i think it was 12 books we bought this semester($500-600), and start looking over them. during clinical day be prepared and try to organize your time well so that you have time to complete data tools(care plans,assessment sheets your instructor has you to turn in at end of clinical day).who do you have? i had joan campbell(sweet) and fournier( not so sweet)! anyway good luck and know that you can get through it!
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    Blackberry4eva gave some great advice. Make sure to stay ahead or at least up to date on your reading. I used to see all kinds of things on the tests that I didn't hear in class and I don't remember missing a class. I took excellant notes and recopied and organized them when I got home each day. This also helped me remember everything. As for the tests, they are different than what you see in the prerequisite classes. However, I'm hearing from my daughter who is also a student at MTC now, that the Anatomy/Physiology lecture tests are a lot like the nursing tests. It's all critical thinking and is how the NCLEX will be. I would advise buying at least one book from the bookstore that has practice questions. I didn't know about them until my last year and they really helped. I even saw some of the exact same questions on a test from time to time. Try not to miss any classes if possible. It's so easy to get behind and you'd be surprised how much you can miss by missing a class. Good luck!
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    Well I finished 101 with a B! yeah, now I am in med surg. anyone out there who has some great tips on how to pass 165 would be great! Our first test is tomorrow night.
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    Hey blackberry, MTC student here soon to graduate. See it does come to a happy ending! Just keep in mind that after 265/263 it actually gets better
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    Hi all! Good to see that MTC is such a great school. I am contemplating moving to Charlotte or Columbia (I have lived in Cola before).

    How long is the waiting list for MTC? If the list is too long for RN, can I apply to the LPN program also just to get a foot in the door?

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