How Much Does a STUDENT NURSE TECH Make???

  1. I know after the 1st semester (from what I've been told), you can work as a student Nurse Tech at the hospital. I'm just curious as to what the range is for that, and/or what you made as a student NT. I'm just trying to figure out what kind of work I should do while in nursing school. I do have my CNA certificate, and could work at a registry/staffing agency PRN while in school. Just not sure what the better option is. Thanks!! Oh, and I live in Columbia.
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  3. by   FurmanGirl
    In the upstate it's generally $9-10/hr base pay.
  4. by   moomoo111
    I have worked as a nurse tech/cna at a small hospital while in nursing school and I make about $10.85 an hour but that is with all the shift diff. I make 8.62 base, 1.50 for third shift and .75 for second. Most hospitals and other places will pay you a weekend shift diff but this place does not. They only pay weekend shift diff for RNs which is why I'm leaving and going to another place after I test for my LPN which is in a few weeks depending on the application process. Some nursing homes will pay you more. I suggest that you only work part time if you are able. 24 hours a week is plenty. You will need the extra time for studying, careplans, ect. Good luck. I work in the upstate, Chester, SC, which is about an hour north of Columbia. Hope this helps. BB
  5. by   RN_in_SC
    I made $14 an hour as a Student PCT (Patient Care Tech) + differential
  6. by   pawashrn
    Not famaliar with what this position is: Define your responsibities.
  7. by   pawashrn
    Not familiar with what this position is: Define your responsibilities.
  8. by   aelizabeths
    I am a Student Nurse Tech at Baptist. Starting pay is $9.30, but if you work weekends and/or nights, you get differentials. It's PRN, so they'll work with your schedule. Providence pays more ($11, I've heard), and the VA pays closer to $13.
  9. by   leighley
    I just got into nursing school and have some questions about Nurse Techs..

    Do I have to have a CNA certificate? I don't, but really want to work as a tech while in school.

    Also, how does one go about getting a job like this?

  10. by   aelizabeths
    After you've finished your fundamentals class, you can become a student nurse technician. You don't have to have a CNA certificate.
  11. by   nakeia
    $9.30 at this Palmetto Health
    $10+ at Providence
  12. by   live4rachael
    I'm in Charleston but started a Student Tech job earlier this year. No CNA here either and I'm making $11/hr + differentials. Love it!
  13. by   nics1286
    How many hours do you generally work a week?
  14. by   live4rachael
    I'm set 20 hrs/wk

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