Does anyone know anything about Francis Marions's BSN program?

  1. Im just wondering if anyone knows if their program is any good or not. I have never heard anything about their program so Im wondering if someone out there knows anything about it. Thanks.
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  3. by   cursedandblessed
    my stepsister is in it, she's learning a lot. or so my mom tells me. she already had a bachelor of arts and she's graduating a semester before me in my adn program that we started at the same time. she thinks it's great, except for the one test where everyone got below a 60 on fluids and electrolytes.
  4. by   quiteone
    Well I begin this fall, the Accelerated route, I have my ADN. I haven't heard anything good or bad about the BSN program but I guess I'll be finding out soon. :spin:
  5. by   CLASSOF09
    I am a Florence Darlington Technology College Nursing student LPN to RN. We do our clinical with FMU nurses.. When we are on the floor they do not know what to do? FMU nurses are more into book stuff there 3 year that when they take care of patients. See at FDTC we do clinical (patient ) at the begin. Alot of FMU student come to FDTC to get a better experiences. In the area FDTC nurse will get hired before a FMU nurse because we get more experience with patient care.. You tried USC-Aiken.. That where a lot of ADN nursing at FDTC or transition to for our BSN.