Does anyone have any idea how long the wait list is for Midlands Tech?

  1. I was going to apply for their nursing program next year after I finished my Pre-nursing certificate.
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  3. by   Lindalou76
    I've heard it's like a 2 year wait once you finish your prerequisites and get on the wait list. I don't know if there's any exceptions to that or not.
  4. by   wabrams
    I'm in the Rad program there, but i heard its 4-6 years.
  5. by   princesasabia
    Wow! 4 to 6 years!! The most I have heard is 3 years. Oh well I guess I will try to get into a school with no wait list.
  6. by   dreamon
    That is crazy! :-(
  7. by   P_RN
    Have you called the dean and asked? I know of several students who went to Orangeburg or Sumter for their first year and were able to transfer into MTC. That's been a while ago however and things may have changed.
  8. by   princesasabia
    Actually, no I havent. I will call though and see. Thanks!
  9. by   CCIlovePinkCC
    Don't be scared away from MTC because of the waiting list. It's not that bad!!! I was put on a 3 yr waiting list and got asked to accept an early start date. I did accept it. I will graduate by the time I was supposed to start clinicals! That happens a good bit I think b/c people forfeit early start dates or something comes up and they quit school. If you have the grades, you can always apply for merit entry.
  10. by   princesasabia
    Thanks! Yeah Im going to try for Merit Admission I have all the classes except for 3 so if I get A's in those that would be awesome.
  11. by   CCIlovePinkCC
    Awesome! I'm so glad I found this thread and could help you out.