When you have students who appreciate you.

  1. So we have this company in Houston, called Eye Care 4 Kids. (If you are in the Houston area, very useful) It's a non-profit organization that does free eye screenings for schools and also works with school nurse (or in my case Medical Aides) to give free glasses to children with financial issues.

    Basically all I do is do the eye exam, and kid with failings, I let the parents know and I ask them if they have Medicare, which some don't for reasons. If they have no insurance, I offer them the program and all I put is how much they earn in a month, if the student in questions has free/reduced lunch and how many people are in the household and ages of them.

    Once I put it in, they accept it or deny it (Always accept it in my case) and they give me a doctor for the family, which they will call themselves and make the appointment. With the application paper, they get a free eye exam and glasses.

    I had this student in 7th grade, very sweet girl, basically loves me and talks to me about her life. She is the one who said I was like an older sister to her and if I get married she wants to be invited to my wedding (I said yes!) and the poor thing doesn't have Medicare and has been wearing the same glasses since 5th grade!

    We did her exam and she seriously failed hard, so I let her mother know and we worked out the application and she got approved. She went during the holidays to the doctor and got fitted for glasses.

    She told me she wanted me to be the first one to see her with glasses and today was the day! She looked so great! She thanked me so much and cried a bit and happily went to class.

    This is what makes my job so rewarding.
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  3. by   WineRN
    Awesome Job! You have changed that little ones life for the better
  4. by   momrn94
    Love this!
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