Tiny acts of kindness

  1. This put me in a good mood. Last week, I had a 4th grader come to my office. I don't even remember for what, it wasn't anything big. But I noticed she didn't have a pencil case and instead was using an old plastic berry container to carry her supplies around. This is a family pretty well known to the staff, very low socioeconomic status, struggles in school, etc. It made me sad to see her without school supplies so I lamented to my sister about it.
    Two days later I had an Amazon Prime box in my office. My sister had bought a pencil case and shipped it to school for me to give to this student. It's a really nice one, too. My sister's an alright gal.

    Hope this cheers you all up, wherever you are.
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    I love this.
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    OmG, that is so nice!!!
  5. by   mc3
    A few years ago, my husband happened to mention to his aunt (who lives in a different state) that I had some students who borrowed clothing/warm jackets at times. We live in the South, but do occasionally have some cold mornings! Our district was low socioeconomic as well. About a month later I received a check for $100. from her women's church group - in another state! - donated to purchase clothing for my clinic.
    Wow - just wow!
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    How did the little girl react when she got her new pencil case?
  8. by   Cattz
    Love this thread.
    I have been involved in several meetings with the Counselor, teachers, admin,and dad for a sweet elem. student. Has been back and forth between mom and dad. Trying to keep him with dad, because i am pretty sure the next step will be Foster Care. Homework completion is a huge problem. I remembered when my kids were in the heat of the homework years, that us getting an electric pencil sharpener made (although, I admit, it sounds silly) all the difference. Sooo..I gathered up a new electric pencil sharpener, pencils, 3 ring binder and pencil pouch and some other odds and ends, that I hoped would help. I gave them to the Counselor to give to dad. She asked if I wanted them to know where they came from. I told her, "Nope, just hope they help in some way to get homework done."