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Hi Y'all, It is my first week as a school nurse at an elementary school, I am feeling a little bit stressed out. I think it is because I am used to having orientation and training last more than a... Read More

  1. by   WineRN
    Like everyone else said, Just hold on!

    Someone posted when I first started about it being a circus, and at first it really is. Learning all the ropes, training teachers about how YOU are going to run things in your health office, teaching the littles the difference between pain and discomfort, and trying to file the sometimes endless amount of paperwork that you just want to throw in the air like confetti. It really is a lot.

    But the chaos does become more manageable and every day is different.

    There are still some days here when parents/students will throw me for a loop and make me question policies. But utilize the other nurse's in your district and this forum. We are a fun group that wears pink on Wednesdays.
  2. by   peacockblue
    You can also go to your local school nurse cluster meetings if your area has that sort of thing. Call the nurse at a neighboring school district and introduce yourself. I have found the nurses in local districts to be a great help, especially when new mandate or policies come down the road.
  3. by   Amethya
    It gets better. You can do it! Work hard and learn about your students!
  4. by   scuba nurse
    Hang in there! It gets better! Make sure you connect with the other nurses in your district, and see how they handle things. I am in MA as well, and as far as DESE, take your time, don't feel like you HAVE to do it now. The MTEL is so easy dont even worry about that, if you passed the nursing boards you will pass that! It is basic reading and comprehension of English. Anything you send to DESE make sure you keep copies of (they tend to lose things).

    As far as orders for meds, if you have the doctors name and number, I call and get a fax # then send a fax stating that orders need to be renewed for this school year, and to fax me the orders. This is sometimes easier than asking parents to get it, even though they are supposed to, many dont!
    Get your immunizations in ASAP. There is a deadline to file info with the state and that is in December. Hopefully the nurses you work with will help you with that info and how to input into your system. We use SNAP, so I only know how that works.

    Good luck! Any questions, just ask!
  5. by   moreoreo
    You are not alone! When I started in the middle of last school year, I was calm and happy for about a week and then quickly grew overwhelmed as my to-do list grew longer and I kept encountering situations that I didn't know how to handle. Find peace in the fact that each time you get flustered, you are learning how to do something that you will later do with ease. Mondays used to be a nightmare for me because kids would show up stating XYZ happened over the weekend and mom said to blah-blah-blah but now I just take small blips like that in stride because I have handled them so many times. And I haven't finished a full year yet!

    As a weird side note, I stopped drinking coffee (d/t current pregnancy, plus I've realized caffeine is like an ice pack for tiredness, and I am anti-ice-pack ) and have seen a marked difference in my mood and stress level at work. Ultimately I think we have to remember that we prioritize the children first and everything else can be addressed in its time later. Remembering that everything cannot get done RIGHT NOW has been helpful to me this school year.

    Good luck!!!