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School Nursing Questions

  1. 0 What type of experience should you have in order to apply for a school nurse position? I am a student nurse and I am very interested in the school nurse field. What level of schooling does it require? I live in Texas is there possibly a website I could refer to? Any information will be appreciated!

    Thank you,
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    Hi Perrie,

    Most positions for school nurses require the nurse to have at least a BSN degree. In some rural areas, this may not always be the case, depending on the availability of nurses in a particular area. I recommend you obtain your BSN if school nursing is your goal. Best of everything to you!
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    I know in Wisconsin you need a MSN to teach. Some school will accept you if you are at the end of your degree. Also it is a only Nursing master and not any other type that you must have to teach nursing here.
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    Originally posted by Pat krupski
    I know in Wisconsin you need a MSN to teach. Some school will accept you if you are at the end of your degree. Also it is a only Nursing master and not any other type that you must have to teach nursing here.
    Pat, I think you misunderstood Perrie's question. She was asking what she needed to become a School Nurse not what she needed to Teach Nurses?
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    In North- east Texas there are usually a number of L.V.N.'s that are nurses on campuses under the direction of one R.N. If the school district is small and poor there may be only one nurse shared by several schools. You need to know your stuff and be very aware of legal issues as a school nurse. Every little child's Momma or Dad want to have you for lunch because of something.
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    try these sites. They may have state information for state educational requirements of the school nurse.

    This is an exerpt taken from "Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice" written by Lordi & Bradley.

    "Each state regulates nursing practice and certification of school personnel. What is required varies widely. Some states have no requirements for the school nursing position while others have exceedingly high educational requirements for school nurse certification. ....Some school districts adhere to recommended national or mandated state standards for school nurse preparation, while others are unaware of or ignore them."
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    It definitely depends on what state you are in. In Illinois (in my shool district) we work under the BSN/CSN. She is on the teachers salary scale and we're not. All nurses must be R.N.'s except for the one LPN who was grandfathered in. I really love this kind of work and the hours are terrific. It's also the only place that I've worked that expects you to take sick days for yourself and your family. No guilt here. It's nice to have Christmas break and Spring break also. Carol
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    I live in georgia and interested in school nursing. I am not sure where to start. I do plan to work in a pediatric hospital for a year for the learning experience but would love to pursue school nurse. I realize the pay will decrease significantly. Does anyone work prn in a hospital while not in school or anything to supple ment income. I did read somewhere that I could buy a HUD home for half off which would be helpfull. Any suggestions or does anybody know about Georgia rules. I don't think they have RN's in their school system currently.
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    Your plan sounds good, as pediatrics experience will be a benefit. I worked prn at a hospital in addition to my job as a private boarding school nurse. It's doable. I always thought that my school nurse job kept me young, and my bedside nurse job kept me humble. I'm working on my MSN now, so had to resign from the bedside job (I miss it terribly). You can do both, it just takes some organization.