Requirements in order to be a school nurse

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    Once I get my R.N I want to become a school nurse. What are the requirements in order to become a school nurse for elementary school, middle school and high school?
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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    It varies widely depending on the districts in your area. In my district, they require a BSN. Other districts (especially smaller ones) take LVNs or ADNs. In some states you have to be certified as a school nurse (not mine, although I am going to test for my certification this summer anyway). The amount of experience required will vary also, I had less than 6 months experience when I started but some districts want 1-2 years in the hospital. You can call up the Health Services Departments of a couple of the districts close to you and see what they say. The NASN is also a good resourse ( ) Good luck!
  4. by   luvschoolnursing
    What Purple said. You need to find out what your state requires. There is no real consistency. Pennsylvania requires a BSN + a School Nurse Certification from the Dept. of Education. + and additional 24 credits to be permanently certified.
  5. by   bergren
    NASN has a link to each state organization. If they do not list the minimum state requirements on the site, you should be able to email someone:
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    In my area you only need your CNA/first aid/ CPR/ Med tech cert. and thats it to work in the health room. My title is school health assistant and I do treatments, give meds, do first aid, there for emergencies, document, set up health records, treat diabetics, treat injuries, record immunizations, and so much more. I do work under a delegating RN that has a BSN, but I'm there in the health room most of the time. Im my area they don't hire LPNs or RNS to work in the health room full time. You're either hired to be a CNA or a RN BSN ( manager. All health rooms have one health assistant ( CNA) and a RN to manage the CNA. Thats it. But it all depends on your area
  7. by   Love214
    Do you know if you can transfer your School Nurse Certification among states?? My situation is that I am an RN with a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts.. so I was going to get my cert. in NJ since PA requires a BSN.
  8. by   bergren
    ' transfer your School Nurse Certification among states?? "

    I am fairly confident that you cannot per se. I had Minnesota certfication, and I could transfer courses for the certification to my new state's requirements, but had to take some courses specific to that state. If courses you have taken match your new location's requirements, you may be able to get a waiver. There was one nurse who had CA certification and lots of extra classes (she was an NP and a PhD and a CA certified school nurse - which requires a masters degree) who was able to get Illinois certification without taking any extra courses. She is the only individual I ever knew that was able to do that.

    If you want to work in PA, you will need the BSN, but if you already had an ADN, there are many RN - BSN programs online. Check to see if PA allows a MSN in lieu of a BSN for school nurse certification. Many university programs will provide a masters in nursing for those with BA and ADN without getting the BSN - you end up taking about the same amount of classes as you would for the BSN, but come out with a masters degree and you will be higher on the teacher salary scale. And many masters programs are online now, or mostly online.
  9. by   Love214
    Thanks bergren!! Everything that you have said is what I am finding out! So I think I am going to take a Bridge program RN to MSN and get a Master's in Nursing Education then go back for School Nurse Certification. I emailed the State Board of Nursing for PA with all of these questions and I was shocked when they said I would need to contact the PA Department of Education. So we shall see ;-)
    Thank you for your reply!