ok....here comes a vent

  1. Can anyone tell me why it is ok for teachers to be downright rude to school nurses and question almost everything we do? I don't tell them how to teach, I wish they would not tell me how to take care of students. It is all well and good when I do what they want but oh boy, if you don't agree or even worse, tell them they were wrong....look out, the claws come out. This is getting ridiculous.....I feel so bullied Ok I am done, thanks for listening.....God Knows I have no one here who will.
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  3. by   virgo,student nurse
    So sorry, you have o deal with this. Hope tommorow is better.
  4. by   schoolnursejennie
    only my 3rd day as a school nurse and i couldn't agree more...
  5. by   mc3
    Gee, I'm sorry you're going through this. Is the disrespect coming from above? If not, you may want to enlist their help in tackling this. Maybe you could attend the next faculty meeting and "start over". Introduce yourself and your credentials, explain what your responsibilites are, and take kind of a "hey, what can we do to help these students out" - in otherwords, we're all in this together. Humor goes a long way, too, sometimes. If all else fails, I'd try and look for another job within the district - maybe they're too dysfunctional to realize how they come across. Also, do you have a non-faculty District Nurse you can talk to about this? I know my guidance counselors are wonderful - how about them? Maybe they can give you some insight?
    Good luck,
  6. by   bsyrn
    Thanks everyone
  7. by   Artistyc1
    You just wait- EVERYONE is a doctor, until there is blood or body fluids to deal with. Then, they all behave like the waters did for Moses.
  8. by   crickyRN
    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this, I can relate! I don't really have a problem with the teachers telling me what to do but my prinicipal. She always asks me what my professional opinion is and then tells me I'm wrong and that it has to be done a certain way to cover the schoool's butt. Finally one day I got sick of it and told her that she needs to give me protocols for my school so I know exactly what the district wants me to do and she responded with well I don't think this district has any and if they do they are out of date. Keep in mind I was trained for our district by a woman who has been here over 20 years.
    Anyway I go to the point with her that when she would come into my office with a student and tell me what to do I would ignore her and immediately start talking to the student. I think after a few times she got the hint. She still tries to pull that from time to time but backs of much quicker now. My best advice is move past the teacher and show your concern to the child instead. Hopefully they will get the hint! If not maybe you should walk into their class from time to time and tell them they're teaching all wrong!
  9. by   Kim O'Therapy
    I had a teacher that would continually send students to the clinic with her "diagnosis" and "treatment plan" written on the clinic pass. Finally, I started writing what I *actually* did, what the actual "problem" was on the pass. When I signed, dated, and time stamped the pass for return to class, I would sign my name with the RN in about ten time larger font in order to get the point across. She never did it again.