Non-contact Thermometers

  1. Anyone have experience with these? They are listed in my preferred vendor catalog for $50 to $100. A special ed teacher is asking because her students aren't always cooperative with oral. (we have a sure temp digital)
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  3. by   Flare
    i have a thermo focus in my office that i don't use. it seems to work ok, but feels cumbersome for me to use. i like my tympanic welch allyn
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I have a thermofocus as well, and I have found it somewhat unreliable. When I use if for my special ed or PK kiddos who cannot or will not use oral, I generally add a degree to whatever the readout says, like you would with axillary. I often will double check with the Welch Allen via axillary as well if I suspect a low reading.
  5. by   tictac
    I have a VeraTemp that I rarely use. I only use it as a last resort on those who I cannot get a temp orally. I find that I need to add a degree also.
  6. by   Sudsy
    I have a FeverWatch Infared thermometer: FeverWatch Professional Clinical Non-contact Infrared Thermometer - Forehead: Health & Personal Care (is it okay to post links?)

    It has been useful to have a quick way to scan a ton of kids (when I need to check a kid in preschool I usually get a line of other kids from the class to want to "go beep", which, with this quicko one is fine and then I get to make a big deal out of how "strong and healthy" all the kids are (this is to balance the preschoolers who have begun to feel like they should instantly c/0 stomach pain when they see me!)

    Anyway, super convenient. I have some qualms about it's accuracy and will recheck axillary if I get a reading I'm not sure about. Wish it was small enough to fit in my lab coat pocket.
  7. by   BettyGirard
    We just use the tempadot single use thermometers. No batteries, no worrying about probe covers, etc...