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New School nurse sub - advice?? - page 2

Hey all, I come from a critical care background but have an opportunity to work as a school nurse sub. I thought it would be a great opportunity to broaden my nursing experience and to pick up a few... Read More

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    flare makes great points. i would also add that not everything is always as it nurses keep a ton of information filed away in their head and they may respond to a child/family/situation differently than you will based on the limitations of your knowledge and their familiarity with the child and family social system. that is not to say what you do will be wrong, but it may just be different, and you may or may not have the opportunity to discuss how each of you would handle a certain situation. soak up as much as you can from any orientation you may get and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
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    how are docs orders usually organized? should i look for charts on invidual kids? what else should i look around and find when i get there to make sure i have everything i need available when/if i should need it?

    usually the orders are kept in a binder. you will see daily meds, prn meds. simple to follow

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    oh, and maybe a silly question, but how high of a fever = send home criteria?

    i send home with 100 and higher. honestly, if a kid comes in with 99.6ish and looks icky, i will send home because the fever will only go up.
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    I'm also a former critical care nurse (retired) working as a substitute school nurse, although I am an assistant and work almost exclusively with special needs students, but occasionally assist the regular school RN as needed. Many school nurses are former critical care nurses it seems. Yes, the job is easier than working in critical care for ME, but the actual school RN has many responsibilities. In someways, she/he is in a primary care role as many of our kids who live in poverty do not have regular pediatricians and the school nurse is the only healthcare provided that they see on a regular basis. As a sub, however, they will just be thankful that there is a nurse there.

    Yes, I too was amazed to learn that school nurses gave G tube feeds, give meds, have kiddos on vents, have kids who get cathed and I've even have some on TPN if you can believe that. There are many more medically fragile children in schools these days than years ago. We have a special school for medically fragile children, some of which live in LTC facilities but can still come to school and learn. I am pretty busy sometimes, and its probably like working on a skilled LTC unit, although with many less patients and they don't send them to school if they suspect their are the slightest bit sick.

    At first I felt naked. No drug box? No Os? No intubation box? What if a kid gets sick...I mean really really SICK? It can happen.....

    Well, you've got juice boxes and cake frosting for the diabetics, inhalers for the asthmatics, epi pins for the kids with allgeries...and an AED, first aid kit and above all... 911 for emergencies.

    Best to'll do great!
    Mrs H.
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    Hi i just got a postion to be a school nurse sub, i went to school for medical assistant, and theres no training so i was wondering is there any advice you nurses can give me?
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    Quote from paulaclark29
    Hi i just got a postion to be a school nurse sub, i went to school for medical assistant, and theres no training so i was wondering is there any advice you nurses can give me?
    I am a LVN/LPN and currently working as a school nurse. My best advice is to get a good county contact to give you some guidelines and protocols . My Contact told me to reference " The green book". Good luck!
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    I became an RN last year and ended up getting hired as a "school nurse specialist" after having no luck finding employment in a hospital setting. I had a rough start, to say the least. Even though I obtained a permanent, 25 hr/wk position at the elementary school, I received very little orientation or guidance. As a new grad with limited clinical experience, and having little experience with children and the school system, I felt like a fish out of water. Five months later and I am happy as can be! I have never had job satisfaction like this before. I don't think you have much to worry about. You have extensive critical care experience, and amazing nursing judgment, I am sure, not to mention experience with children of your own. You got this!
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    I think you got some good answers on your other thread. You need to be very careful as to how you present yourself and in the work that you're willing to do without a license.

    Quote from paulaclark29
    Hi i just got a postion to be a school nurse sub, i went to school for medical assistant, and theres no training so i was wondering is there any advice you nurses can give me?
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    Thank you so much for this thorough post and helpful responses! I'm new grad, and recently moved to Japan to be with my husband. School nurse sub seems like my only option for employment on a military base.