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Emergency Card Bloopers

  1. 0 After starting the thread about the funny things that kids say, I subbed at a local school and was reminded that many of the best ones actually come from parents. Reviewing a student's emergency health card, I was somewhat alarmed to discover that the student had a "flammable stomach."

    I'm curious about the interesting things that have made it onto your emergency cards.
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    i had a parent write on the emergency card that their child has
    seashures...aka.....seizures !!

    had a good laugh from that one !!
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    Under the Allergies section, a parent wrote:
    Not really a blooper, but gave me a chuckle anyway!
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    [font=book antiqua]not on an emergency card but a blooper just the same: someone told an ambulance crew that the pt suffered from "eucalyptic seejures"!
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    Under "Do you want to discuss any issues with the nurse" a parent wrote "my son has a bad attitude problem!" Referred her to the principal.....:spin:

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