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Do you keep your door open or closed? - page 2

I mean during normal school hours not while doing screening or anything. Just curious.... Read More

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    Open for me since it's in the main office
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    Mine stays open since it's in the main office & my littlest 4 & 5 year olds need it open in order to find me. If I step out for some reason during the day I just turn off the light & my office staff cover the traffic for me. I close it if I'm having a private conversation or if I'm doing a screening or something though.
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    Sometimes I wish I left my door closed, but my door is always open. The bathrooms are right beside my office so it comes in handy to help monitor kids that come in from recess for a bathroom break & they are being loud or playing, so I can correct them & also report them to their teacher.
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    new school, different office layout so my door stays open now
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    The door to the main office is always open, the student door off the hallway is closed and does so automatically.