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Discounted Glasses

  1. 0 Have any of you helped a student without insurance get prescription glasses? What programs have you used or found helpful?
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    I've used the vouchers through the NASN that they offer with your is a good program. I have also used my local Lion's Club who has a program for kids who need glasses. This year my area had a local "round up" type event free to the public (qualify based on income) where any kid could get an eye exam and fitted for glasses. My school took a bus load of 12 kids and many of their parents accompanying them. 9 were glassed, 2 did not need glasses at this time, and one will be having surgery to correct a serious problem and after recovery from that she will be glassed.
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    i got a student new specs through new eyes for the needy. Didn't cover an eye exam, but was a fast turn around in getting the voucher. also got a letter from a local pearle vision center with discounted prices on glasses for students and staff. Perhaps if you contact a local pearle they have a similar program.
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    Thank you for the ideas!
    I'm not an NASN member, but I've heard good things about that program.
    I will check into new eyes for the needy and with my local Pearle Vision.
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    The Salvation Army gets vouchers for free eye exam & glasses at Shopko here :-)
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    Not free, but these sites may be an option for parents who don't have insurance but also don't qualify for income-based aid programs (online glasses purchased after obtaining prescription from license optometrist/ophthalmologist):

    Discount Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses -

    Discount Eyeglasses | prescription glasses, sunglasses at discounted price from Goggles4u

    Zenni Optical - Eyeglasses, Prescription Glasses, Bifocal, Progressive Eyeglasses, Rimless Glasses

    Optical4Less - $15.00 Quality Prescription Eyeglasses Online

    (I know people who have successfully purchased from each of these sites, so while I can't vouch for them personally, they are known as legitimate eyewear providers.)