At what lengths would a child go to to be sent home??

  1. There was an upper elementary student in my district who had a sizeable wetting accident in class recently. There are some at the school who think the student did it on purpose in order to be sent home (student has come up with literally EVERY excuse in the past to go home). I talked to the student afterward, he seemed very embarrassed, and I have a hard time believing that he would do that in order to go home. I think the accident was real.

    I talked to the school counselor, and she agreed with me. She also said that if a student that old is doing that to go home, then there might be underlying issues--any number of issues--that need to be addressed.

    I'm not sure what to think. Is this just a student who wanted to go home and pulled an elaborate prank to do so--even though it was an unsuccessful prank? Would a child in an upper elementary school grade wet themself in class and risk the teasing of their classmates just so they could go home? If an upper elementary child is willing to do this to go home, what does that really mean? Could this be something serious?

    Just wanting thoughts from people who may have more experience with this than I do. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Flare
    I would find it very hard to believe that any older elem child would willfully wet their clothing in front of their peers just to be sent home. I mean I have seen middle school students have accidents - and be rather indifferent about it... but if a child looks openly mortified about the whole experience, it'd be a pretty good guess that this isn't a ruse...
  4. by   lilymar
    If he doesn't have a medical reason for losing bladder control, then the first thing that comes to mind for me is that there's something threatening about using the school restroom. I've known some kids who hated public restrooms because they had a history of sexual abuse, and they couldn't stand the idea of having to remove any clothes with strange people just a few feet away. Or maybe he has extreme shyness problems and has a hard time raising his hand in the middle of class to go to the bathroom.
  5. by   morte
    my first thought was, is he being bullied?
  6. by   caregiver1977
    I do know he asked to go more than once. There was a slight demerit he would have had to take for going to the bathroom at that time, and he refused to take it.
  7. by   NutmeggeRN
    I think a conversation with teacher is in order....

    Also need to rule out the medical and if there is an issue, he needs to have access to BR, and no demerits.

    If it is behavioral, enlist parent guidance etc