Adele parody video for "SCHOOL NURSE DAY" - page 2

This nurse made an epic Adele parody video for "School Nurse Day" Every day with the bathroom Read More

  1. by   abc123RN
    I laughed until tears rolled down my leg!
  2. by   Avid reader
    Love this post. Thanks. As Adele might say "Let's be having you, mate"
  3. by   moldyoldyrn
    RNs are so under valued especially in schools. Kids need a nurse, so may kids have terrible home lives and RNs can only help them. We need more.
  4. by   RobbiRN
    Artsy, cool, and a lot of fun. Thank you : )
  5. by   Mommyof8:)
    So funny!
    My kids elementary school nurse won national school nurse 2017 way to go Mrs. Butler ...Zane North Elementry Collingswood NJ!!!!