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Hi.. just an attempt to get to know folks better. Am curious as to what state you practice in. West Virginia here.... Read More

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    Rural Tennessee

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    Hi all, I love on a small island in southeast alaska...Sitka...I work for IHS...woot, now that is rural!
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    I grew up very rural town of about 100 people here in South Dakota. I did make the move to a town of about 15000 but still only takes me 5 min to get to work. Tried big city living in 2000 but I guess I'm a small town girl at heart.
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    Small town is my hometown in Maryland. Population of 374 people, the next town over was 75 and on the other side 99. I am now in DE living in a lil bigger town.
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    I work in a small community in northern Maine. The town I live in has a population of 290.
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    I live in south FL, population lots. Still just a nursing student though...
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    I am a Home Health/Hospice Nurse in a small rural area, but can drive up to 130 miles a day to see 5 pts. Everybody is related to someone here and the main town is 6,000. I am from NY (LI) and LOVE Missouri!! I have nursed here 30 years. The pay is low, but I love it. It is cheap to live here (LOW taxes) and beautiful.
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    I am a RN in Hawthorne, Nevada. 70 miles from the nearest walmart. 5 hours from Las Vegas, 2 hours from Reno. Population of 2500. 4100 ft. elevation. Beautiful mountains, and lakes.
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    I am from rural Indiana - have been in same rural hospital in my community for over 20 years.

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