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Hi.. just an attempt to get to know folks better. Am curious as to what state you practice in. West Virginia here.... Read More

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    Northern New Hampshire on the Quebec border here! Closest hospital is 16 beds and is 30 min. away. We're an hour north of the northernmost McDonald's in NH, an hour north of the nearest traffic light, and 70 miles from the closest WalMart. We have to use old bag phones in the car instead of handheld cell phones (and the towers are bounced from Canada---talk about roaming fees! LOL!). I"m a CNA in LTC and commuting 1-1/2 hours each way currently to attend nursing school (the closest college). I want to do ARNP later and that is four hours each way so I'll have to stay there during the week, I guess!

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    Hello, Kim. I'm new here, too. I just graduated from a nursing program in Washington, but I live (and hope to find a great job) in rural Idaho.
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    hello everyone i am new to this site as well, i am from mn but live in tx.

    i got my rn last year last 20 years i was a lpn working in a small rual hospital,
    i am viewed here ina larger city as no nursing experience because i worked in such a small hospital, well iw ould take that rual hospital anyday over the larger ones. i just feel iwas a better nurse in a rural hospital than i am here in this large one,,
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    The smallest state of the Union....RI the Ocean State
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    Just moved from town of 500 to the big city of Omaha, NE. I'm still in school but my ultimate goal is to work somewhere in the Dakotas. Anyone have experiences to share about this area?
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    Hi Again Everyone,

    Thanks for posting. Very nice to meet all of you.
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    Im from Australia and i work in the gigantic state of Queensland. Rural and remote work. Worked ten months on a tropical island in a aboriginal community. Now in a dusty ant ridden mining town. Its nothing to travel 10 to 12 hours to get to a major city, not that australia has a lot of major cities. But queensland is cool, its soo big and soo empty. No jokes last night after finishing shift 2300hrs there was three grey kangaroos on the hospital lawn having a near midnight snack. This hospital is wopping 16 bed facility with outpatient/emergancy facilities. next stop the Northern Territory, watch the crocs crikey.
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    Hi there!! I live in Missouri.
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    Hi, I work in a 17 bed hospital in Western Montana.
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    i am from minnesota

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