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As populations increase and suburban America expands, I would be interested in knowing what qualifies as rural. I worked for 7 years at a small hospital in east central Idaho. Our nearest regional medical center equipped to... Read More

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    Quote from Birdie RN
    The clinic I work at is considered by the state to be rural. It does not seem so to me- the population here is about one hundred thousand. We have two medical hopitals. We see about 500 patients monthly at my clinc. )
    This was always confusing to me, since we live two hours from anywhere. The next nearest large center is only 26,000 and may be considered rural itself. :spin: I have since been informed that we are not 'rural' we are 'frontier.' Seems a shame that cities of 100,000 can get the grants of 'real rural areas.'

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    Rural = no traffic lights...and no rush hour traffic... It also means dirt roads and chipped windshields from the gravel on the roads from the sand trucks in the winter. Rural also means that people are out numbered by the wildlife, cattle and horses in the county!

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