nursing orientation for ccri jan 2012 entry

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    Hi all - Today is the first day for registering for next semester's classes. I would like to know when the nursing orientation is likely to be. Soon? closer to January or what?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I feel like mine was in the middle of december.... not sure though
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    ok thanks for letting me know.
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    What I would do while your waiting is work on getting all of your health requirements met
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    I've already done that. I am doing a little preliminary reading, though and trying to get the books at a cheaper price than the CCRI bookstore offers. I am also working on inner transformation to maximize success in the application of nursing. Sound like a good plan?
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    The nursing diagnosis ackley book, get the earlier edition from amazon.. It works
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    For any of you nursing 1010 CCRI students out there, I just emailed Ruby Jones (I'll be Flanagan Day) asking when the date and time of the January 2012 nursing orientation. She responded that it is on December 14, Knight 2510 (the theater) at 1 pm.

    Good luck to you all!
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    slight amendment - I think that that orientation is for the Knight campus program only. I"m trying to find out when the Flanagan one is. more later. These people aren't very clear.
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    ok I got the exact information today. The orientation on Dec. 14 at the Knight Campus is for all nursing programs - Flanagan, Knight, Liston, etc. Just thought I'd pass that along. The same time I have a recital to play in (violin) downstairs from where the meeting is taking place. My music professor spoke to the head of the dept who excused me from it and told me to get the information from the secretary.Any interesting tidbits about it would be most welcome.
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    Today I got the official email advising of the orientation on Wednesday. It would have been nice to have known a little earlier, but I am coming to expect late information like this. Coupled with my anxious personality, it probably seems more delayed that it really is. So - violin recital at 1pm downstairs in Music Dept. and then hopefully, I'll be able to catch a little of the meeting upstairs. Dr. Clifton is aware of the possibility of my absence at the meeting. My music professor so informed her. So no worries. take a deep breath!

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