nursing orientation for ccri jan 2012 entry - page 2

Hi all - Today is the first day for registering for next semester's classes. I would like to know when the nursing orientation is likely to be. Soon? closer to January or what? Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    HI all - I now have all my books and have printed the syllabi from Blackboard. My question is: Which book goes with the clinical lab questions. There are a few pages of questions to answer before each lab stating the pages in the book to which they refer. Which book is it? It doesn't say. It's a little daunting making heads or tails of all this. There is an E-book and some Moseby Videos which are online. - Evolve - Elsevier. etc. Any explanations about the books, the CDs, the online books and resources would be most welcome - oh also that Pageburst. Thank you so much. I really want to start understanding about all of this.

    Thanks again! Can't wait until January 23.!! Any comments, suggestions, etc.? I bought nursemate shoes - comfortable - Dansko hurt my feet. Bye for now. So excited I can hardly sleep!!

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