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I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone... Read More

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    Hello all,

    I am going to take the kaplan test this week, I only had like 5 days to study so im kinda feeling a little pressure because I want to pass it the first time. I was told by someone not to spend so much time reading all thats in the book because alot of the questions that are on the test only pertains to a small portion. I was just wondering if any one could give me some advice and let me know what the test consist of and if it was not as hard as the accuplacer or just as hard or harder. The book is like 300+ pages to study from and at this point its like im reading a never ending story. Any info would be great. Congrats to everyone that has passed.

    Thank You
    Advise on the book?! Don't waste your time or money on it.. I feel like nothing that was in the book was actually on the test. The reading was just like the accuplacer.. the math was on the easy side. The writing I felt like was nothing I could prepare for.. and the science was strictly 20 questions on the human body. I got a list of the systems from the academic advising office..

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    I am currently enrolled in the NEIT ASN program and so far I am very VERY happy with the program. Yes, it is expensive but the college does very well with scholarships and financial aid. It is fast pased and very demanding. Best part is I will be done and out into the workforce in under 2 years. As a returning adult student, it is hard to consider a traditional program-- far too long of a wait list. Yes it is cheaper but you are investing 5 years, or longer, in a degree you could get in 2 at NEIT. All of my professors are fabulous, the student support services are incredible, and the course curriculum is truely demanding-- no shortcuts.

    Overall I am THRILLED to be a part of this new and exciting program and I encourage anyone whos is considering enrolled to do so.
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    has any one taken the TEAS test
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    I just got accepted to the program for the October start. I am very excited! About how much are books? Do you have any that you are looking to sell?
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    I got an 80 on the Kaplan Test and I got waitlisted. What's up with that?
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    is your financial aid all set? i wonder why you got score was a 76
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    Yup, financial aid was all set. Not sure why I got waitlisted but it doesn't matter now because I did get in. I just got the packet with all the much to do before October.
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    Hi, I was wondering how everything is going with this program so far. Looks like those that posted on here started last march and are about 9 months in now. I too am looking at New england tech. Every other program has been accredited there, and if you take a loan out to pay for school and they don't get accredited the program will shut down. This is something the government will forgive a loan for, so you can't lose in that respect. If it follows through then pay 50 dollars amonth for 10 yrs. LOL I think a nurses salary can afford that. I have been applying to state colleges trying to finish a nursing degree. I am academically at the point where I need core nursing courses only and "selectivity" is not become about grades any more. I have had a 3.8 gpa in all courses I have ever taken. 115 credits worth. (those required for nursing and those required for other associates I have) I test in high percentile for tests; and every yr its a canned rejection letter about competitiveness, limited seats.. blah blah.. and it's buloney, it is a total lottery pick over the inundated number of applications.. competitive over what ? the true test of whether you become a stellar nurse is how you do in the actual programs and how you hack it in the real world after NOT whether you passed arithmetic or got an A in psychology , English and anatomy. it is important to know your ass from your elbow, but getting accepted into the program has not "made" anyone a competent nurse. So the fact that you have to jump through hoops of fire just to GET IN at broke state colleges is ridiculous. People are so quick to assume an expensive college is a scam. not really, you get what you pay for. CCRI you get to share one simulated dummy with 20 other students and get taught by a teacher who is resentful of her salary, and could care less about whether you succeed because the colleges know how many more students are desperately waiting to hop in your seat. They don't even follow their own protocol where "you" think you have worked so hard to study to get good grades in classes that have nothing to do with the daily duties of a nurse, but was enough to get in the program; know that the person next to you that got in had C's in classes that required a B-. No thanks I'll take the teacher that was a nurse for 25 yrs., who chose to teach students her knowledge at a campus where I get my own 25k simulated patient that I can practice skills on as much as I need to.. after all I paid for it..
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    This program is way too much money for an ADN, you may as well get your BSN and be more prepared and educated nurses. Is it true this school is not accredited? I feel like the people paying for this program should be warned its a rip off and you will never get a job in a field that is so competitive being from a non accredited school (not even as a student nurse). Its hard enough for ADN's to get hired right now. Lets put our thinking caps on here.....

    I go to RIC, we are the cheapest and the best in the state (check out our NCLEX pass rates) so if you think you get what you pay for you should do some "Evidence based research" I wouldnt want someone who paid way to much money so they could get through the program fast as my nurse, no thank you.

    I have great clinical experiences at RIC, I've passed meds, hung IV's, inserted and d/c foleys. I've participated in codes, saw multiple surgies (c section, cholycystectomy, retina repair, hernia repair) I've helped deliver (like caught the baby, cut the cord, APGAR's, vitals and medicated the baby) several vaginal births, given IM, SubQ and intradermal injections. My psych clinical was on a locked ward at the VA, I've been at RIH, Women and Infants, Hasbro and a clinic and middle school.

    Nursing is more than flying through some classes...seriously do your homework....critical thinking and evidence based research are a big part of nursing you should start practicing now.
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    NE Tech IS an accredited school, it is that the nursing program is very new and has not yet been accredited. As with all new programs, the first class must complete the course and then can be accredited. The NLNAC has awarded the school candidate stautus until Jan. 2011 (next month) and all graduates will then graduate from a fully accredited program.The school itself IS indeed a regionally accredited school by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and has a fine reputation. As far as cost, yes, very expensive, but it is important to remember, it is a private college. One can attend any private college and spend even more than NE Tech costs. For instance Prov. College, RISD, Bryant University etc....all of which cost twice as much as NE Tech.
    As far as the nursing program itself, I have heard from many who are absolutely thrilled with it. Several have stated that the labs are far superior to what they experienced at CCRI or RIC. So, I think it is a matter of what fits for the student. RIC is an excellent school, and I would personally not want to spend the extra money to attend a private institution for the same degree, But that is just me. CCRI is also a good choice.
    My son attended NETech for graphic arts. Very expensive, very fast paced, TONS of experience, and fabulous education. yes, we are still paying the loan, but were very happy with the school. My other son went to CCRI for his 2 year law enforcement degree. Also excellent. It is just a matter of what fits.
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