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I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone... Read More

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    If anyone who is thinking about attending NEIT Nursing then please contact me, a male student of the program, and I will tell you the positives and negitives of the program.
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    Hello yanks82! It's a bit confusing, if your posts are a positive or negative prospective on neit. Given the price tag on an RN associates degree from neit, +50K, not so sure your post does any justice insofar as marketing. Over fifty thousand dollars to be subjugated to such strict rules, really? Two mins late you get a big fat zero, spending all that time and money only to be "weeded out", in your words, seriously? So, according to you, in order to be the best nursing graduate in Rhode Island, one must pay $50K +, endure strict, unreasonable rules, and not be targeted as one to be "weeded out"? Not so enticing yanks. It seems your statistics are eschew as well; Pass rates for NCLEX are going to be higher when only 5-12 students are being tested. I've said that neit nursing program has potential, and in fact, they have made significant personnel changes recently which should be positive change. No denying there has been some really bad problems in the program. And as you know yank82; a former high ranking nursing admin person was actually escorted by security out of classroom, off campus. What's up with that? Looks like "weeding out", goes both ways! Your alligence to your school is admirable, but your post is telling, and makes the neit nursing program a scary, expensive gamble.
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    I can feel sorry for people that put money and time into this. NEIT is very practiced at suckering in people- they've been doing it for decades. Absolutely despicable how they take advantage of people.
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    I am an NEIT nursing grad... We have all been very well received within the nursing community, have all gotten good jobs, and all given a great name to the program. I have had coworkers say they will vouch for an NEIT grad anytime after working with only a few. I don't know if the new changes there will be for the better, but I do know I worked my ass off in that program and it worked it's ass off for me. Most of my patients don't even realize I am a new grad nurse, neither do some of my co-workers whom are seasoned nurses. The program, and namely a few professors that have since left the college, couldn't have prepared me better to go out into the workforce confidently and adequately prepared. Does the college's philosophy suck overall as far as how they reign in students, it sure does. Is it pretty damn expensive, yep. BUT, being a pioneer of sorts for a new program and seeing the feedback from my now fellow nurses is AMAZING. I am proud of my accomplishments there, and I am proud of the roots of this program. I just hope that these changes don't destroy what could have been an amazing program going through the years.

    I wish the best of luck to EVERYONE pursueing nursing. It is a beautiful field where you can actually make a difference in the lives of people in their weakest and most vulnerable moments. Don't let all the pettiness of nursing school politics start you off in this field of genuine caring with an axe to grind or an attitude of entitlement, it's not worth it. Work on being a sponge for all that you can learn and really inspect the work you will be doing. If you always want someone to blame, point a finger at, or put down. Pursue law school. Or get a reality show, just don't come by my bedside please...
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    I'm thinking of going there too !I'm just worried I have heard they dont have any minorities in the program ? I think I'll be fine I have A' s and B's in most of my classes , I just can't wait for CCRI Any longer . Any one doing the fast track and is it days or can you also do evenings ?
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    I went summer before last, and found it over whleming working full time. 2 weeks in I had surgery had to drop out. I am back at ccri. I am a LPN so getting in the program at ccri is faster.I have all a's at ccri with one c I got in a summer anatomy class I am retaking.(yep they are right dont take it in the summer). Due to health reasons in 2 weeks I was struggling there...and never had issues before.

    There is no flexability in classes you take them when offered when I was there, so working nights was an issue with me as I could not get to 8 am classes from work.If you arnt working, dont have kids, or a life, and can give all your time to the program it is a great program.

    My other beef....once you attend one class and drop you are responsible for the entire semesters bill.I have over 5 grand owed for a semester I went for 2 weeks.

    again I think it is a great program to get it done fast, but you have to go full time and no flexability in class times.

    I did my LPN in a nother state set up the same way and knew how it would go jsut sudden surgry blew it for me.

    Minorities....I do not think this is an issue, classes are smaller so less people but there were a varried selection of people in my class.

    If you go I have books from that semester email me and I will gladly share. they might be an older eddition.
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    1. before you sign....ask to see the schedule of classes. I was told we have different times...once in verry little flexability. My job then had no flexability.
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    Oh I'm so confused I don't know what to do I have all me prerequisites done already I just don't want to apply at ccri and not get in again I can't take that again , thank you both I will ask alot of questions I have kids I'm a single mom so I don't know if this will work our for me , but it won't hurt to go talk to them , one more question do I still have to take all the classes others take even if I have done then already ? And do I finish in 21 months still or sooner ?
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    I usually work 30 hrs and take two classes but I would leave my job and work around the schedule do you all think its possible or not at all ?
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    Sorry there was only one person thank you for the input

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