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    I am a nursing student (BSN) in NE Florida. I am graduating this spring and want to move with my family to the area. I was looking at the Providence city website and it looks really nice. Any opinions? I was curious as to the feasabilty of commuting to Boston to work. Ive looked into Nashua,NH, Boston (yikes--too expensive), and Providence. It seems the difference in pay is substantial. What areas would you suggest looking for homes in--taking into consideration proximity to Providence (hubby will work there), schools (have 4 elementary age girls), and a nice family area.


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  3. by   MuddaMia

    No one from Providence, Cranston, Barrington...etc wants to help me out with some direction? I assume living "in" Providence isn't a good idea with kids?

    Please--post away!!


  4. by   indigo girl
    How far do you want to commute? You can get to anywhere in the entire state within an hour. Most folks in the state won't commute longer than 10 or 15 minutes. Heck, if they drive from one part of the state to another, they have to pack a lunch! There are several hospitals here. I don't know any nurses who commute to Boston. If you lived in the southern part of the state, you could commute to Connecticut, and they do pay more.

    Warwick is a good place to live. Housing is safe and reasonable. Providence has nice and not so nice neighborhoods like any other city. It's just not so big! You will probably want to be within easy access to Rte 95 as it is the major highway to everywhere. Cranston has some nice areas. Barrington is pricey and not a good commute to Providence (traffic is awful that way).

    Do you want a college atmosphere? Providence has it. Elmwood is a beatiful area just outside Providence (in Cranston) with large Victorian homes, and apartments. The zoo is nearby, and that whole area is lovely.

    Feel free to send a private message if I can help you with any specifics. I work LTC's thru agencies, but have friends who do the hospital thing.

    It is beautiful here in any season. There is a reason why the very wealthy from NYC used to vacation here and built their summer "cottages" (think mansions) in Newport.
  5. by   MuddaMia
    Thank you so much for replying! Very informative. I was looking at the commuter train to Boston--it said it only takes one hr to get to dwntwn Boston? That doesnt seem so bad.

  6. by   indigo girl
    I can understand wanting to work in Boston. It's a great city. Hopefully, the Mass nurses can help you out. Commuting from the area just outside RI, Attleboro could work for you, and housing might be less expensive there. If you are planning to work nites, though, think about safety issues with that train commute. Try the commute with your hubby and see if it feels safe to the area you are interested in. That would be my only concern for you. You can still make $75 grand in this area if that's what you want.

    That being said, I commute to CT, myself. I work 11 to 7.
  7. by   MuddaMia
    Hi Again
    How far is the commute to CT? I am not "set" on Boston, its just the only place I thought I could make the $ I need to (4 girls who will be going to college one day, not to mention wedding! LOL)

    You have been so helpful--thanks a bunch!

  8. by   sunshine9
    You might want to look under the site for massachusetts if you are looking at ideas for Boston hospitals. There were some informative messages about good hospitals to work at. I'm just starting some of my clinicals in Boston starting this fall so I can't be of much help. I am sure that there is probably a good deal of 12 hr shifts if you are thinking about doing nights, so that might help a little bit more with the safety part and not having to worry about being there at 11pm at night.
  9. by   ortess1971
    One of the nurses I worked with, his wife got a job at a CT. hospital and the commute is not that bad(30to45 minutes I think). For a native Rhode Islander that's considered a day trip but I lived outside the state for 2 years so I have a slightly different perspective on that now. She started as an entry level nurse making what he's making now and he's been a nurse for about 3-4 years. I myself may consider travel nursing at some point but I may stay around here for a bit. Good luck!

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