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    for CCRI Fall 09. I applied for Lincoln N/W and got the call for Newport N/W. The distance is not the best; however, she stated that I would have to wait another year for Lincoln. Gonna head over to the island. Any other classmates out there? BTW, I went on the list June '07 and this call was for the Performance Based, not the grandfather list.
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    I'm an "islander".....so, welcome!
    Congrats on your acceptance. I'm in RIC's program, but I know there are some students on here who attend CCRI for nursing. Hopefully you'll meet some people who are starting with you in the fall, it's so much nicer that way!
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    Congratulations! I applied to CCRI/Providence Days under performance based but haven't heard anything yet. Did they notify you by email? I keep checking mine. The suspense is killing me....wish I knew one way or the other. It's great that you got in!
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    Hi lages, thanks. I was called on Monday 4/13. I wish you the best.
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    Congrats !!!! I'm still waiting, I spoke to my adviser today and I was told they would be making more calls today and if anyone for any reason declined I was next in line based on my grades and he told me that it could turn out that I would be put on the alternate list, if somebody drops or does pay on time. I hear the orientation would be held in early June and I've already booked a Cruise to Alaska with my family...anyone have have any idea when orientation is going to be?????? and is it just one day?? I know the paper work states that it is mandatory, wonder what happerns if I already scheduled something???? Any info or any insight would be great!!!! Oh and also was wondering about all the medical stuff, how that works if I'm called at the last min.
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    Hi momof3, thanks. Last year I was an alternate and went orientation. It was in the middle of May and lasted 2-2.5 hours. They talked about the schedule, immuniz., financial aid, etc. You do have to sign in, so they will know if you are not there. If you are an alternate, then I would get all titers, CPR, etc. complete and be ready if they call on Sept 1. Good luck.
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    Hi Mom of 3! Which campus did you apply to? nights or days? I called the advisors for Providence and Warwick, but neither have called back. I just want to know what is going on. My friend started in January (Lincoln) and they called her 7 days before the class was starting and asked her if she could start. Best of luck! hopefully we will hear soon.
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    Congrats to everyone!

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    If your orientation is scheduled during your cruise, have the family send you a post card. Expect NO COMPASSION from the nursing instructors. They will tell you to "go talk to the Dean and see if we can work something out." Then the Dean will rip your heart out and stomp on it and tell you that if you want to be in the RN program, then you WILL be at orientation. That is why they have alternates.

    Very few of the nursing instructors have any sympathy for nursing students. It is their way or your out. At least that's how it was when I was there. Good Luck,

    Stay Safe,
    CCRI Alumni 2005

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