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  1. lages

    Orientation for Fall 2009...

    My email said orientation was going to be tentatively june 22 knight campus.
  2. lages

    just got my call...

    I think I would talk to someone first. My friend is in the program now and a woman in her class missed the whole first week of school because she had a vacation planned, and they let her. She just had to do the reading. I don't think I would cancel for orientation.
  3. lages

    just got my call...

    Hi Mom of 3! Which campus did you apply to? nights or days? I called the advisors for Providence and Warwick, but neither have called back. I just want to know what is going on. My friend started in January (Lincoln) and they called her 7 days before the class was starting and asked her if she could start. Best of luck! hopefully we will hear soon.
  4. lages

    just got my call...

    Congratulations! I applied to CCRI/Providence Days under performance based but haven't heard anything yet. Did they notify you by email? I keep checking mine. The suspense is killing me....wish I knew one way or the other. It's great that you got in!