Free CNA night classes?

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    I have been to countless websites, and searches and have yet to find one that meets at night? I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has any information that can help me..Thank you

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    Yep .... I cant find one either..... the only one so far is CCRI's evening that costs $500......
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    Warwick Adult Education has a CNA class that meets at night but I think they only run it twice a year... like January and September. Google "Warwick Adult Ed" and give them a call. I was signed up for the last session but decided to take my Microbiology that semester at CCRI instead, to get it out of the way. They teach the class at Toll Gate... OH! And it's wayyyyy cheaper than CCRI...

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    There are classes being offered for CNA training at St. Antoines LTC in North Smithfield R.I. The classes run during the 3-11pm shift, possibly 4p-9p, not sure. Call for details I'm sure they would be more than happy to discuss the details. I believe the classes are free.
    Good Luck.....
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    Call up Saint Antoine for info packet. I think they have another class starting in October 2008. Good Luck
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    Thank you AngelRN01 and RNRao I will look into them........
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    I know that South County Quality Care does a free CNA class if you live in the southern part of the state. I also know that a few nursing homes throughout the state offer a free CNA class (you will have to call around though) and even if the nursing homes you call don't offer one you could ask and they might know which ones do.

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    thanks Chris ...... that one way down south looks really nice......but thats waaaayyyy down south. I have been calling around chepachet....and nothing yet the closest was one in woonsocket....still looking ...dont want to take one that will go into the FAll semester.....then I will have to wait until next summer....
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    I live in southern california (Corona) and I have trouble finding a CNA program that is taught in the evening, or preferably at night? Do anyone know of any? I have not had any luck, due to my job, night classes is best for me. Thank you -Mardi
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    Just an 2011 update for the Rhode Island people... Warwick is no longer offering classes through their high school (adult ed). On their website, they are referring students to CCRI.
    Bristol community college is where I've been taking a few classes that have better hours for me. There is an accelerated 3 week class in Jan during the intersession. Same hours as CCRI, which I think is 120 hours combined in class and clinicals.

    For those who need more options, I spoke to some people at Emerson in Milford and they have evening and weekend classes. Its a private CNA school. A little more pricey but they include more (uniforms, books, test fees). They have classes starting every few months.

    Bristol CC also has E-health careers, as another CNA option. Additionally they are rolling out their nursing version on E-Health careers in 2012. I think its great! More options.

    So, for CNA classes other than CCRI: Emerson and Bristol seem to be the best.
    Also the RED CROSS in Massachusetts has classes on weekends. I know New Bedford has classes and there are some other cities close to RI.

    Hope this helps others looking for CNA classes near Rhode Island!

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