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  1. RNRao

    Can't Keep Looking at the Bright Side (I just want to cry)

    Please HANG IN THERE! I just got a job after graduating 1.5 yrs ago after becoming an NP. Where is your location? We moved to the Midwest and it is extremely difficult here to find a job. On the Eastcoast, more demand. What about your network professionally, anyone know of ANYONE? It can get depressing I know....have you redone your CV?
  2. RNRao

    A Bathroom Reminiscence

    Woke up to drinking my coffee and reading your enlightening story. Beautiful! I loved it! Stories like that help me get back to being grounded in our world of sometimes chaos. God bless
  3. RNRao

    Free CNA night classes?

    Hello, There are classes being offered for CNA training at St. Antoines LTC in North Smithfield R.I. The classes run during the 3-11pm shift, possibly 4p-9p, not sure. Call for details I'm sure they would be more than happy to discuss the details. I believe the classes are free. Good Luck.....
  4. RNRao

    Open Heart Nurses I need your help!

    Perhaps this will help..... Start by giving pt's name, age, allergies, surgeon, admitting date then surgery performed. Continue report with pt's complaints that brought him/her to the OR, pt's history, Cath results and date of cath (LV function, EF%) ect, proceed with an OR semi-report(clamp time, was it uneventfull did they require alot of blood products, UO). After a brief history then maybe continue with hemodynamics and Vital signs that are most recent and pertinent and proceed to systems from head -toe; Neuro/safety, CV/skin( I always include skin with CV because of temp, pulses, etc), Resp, GU, GI, Endo, and then family dymanics and who's who's for their spokesperson(s). I try to stick with my system for every pt. Also always ask if they have any questions regarding your report and if you don't get everything done r/t pt care pass it on in report afterall nursing is a 24hr job. Good luck and I hope this gives you some ideas.
  5. RNRao

    New Lab Book

    I have a book you could check out; Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, 6th edition, Joyce LeFever Kee, MSN,RN. This edition is dated 2003 and it has everything but perhaps there is a latest edition you could buy. I paid $40.00 at my campus bookstore. Good luck.
  6. RNRao

    .... I made another mistake :( Need encouragement.

    It's OK........we have all made our own errors. I feel even safer knowing that your accountable for your actions by self disclosing here on this site. I bet you'll never make the same mistake(s) twice.......... don't be so hard on yourself. Learn from the experience and march forward myfriend. Keep that chin up. Alison
  7. RNRao

    Please advise

    Thank you for coming to my aid Lauryn and others. This is an ended thread as of now. Good luck everyone and God Bless.
  8. RNRao

    Waxing hysterical

    Wow that was a funny story sorry to have been at your expense. I your inclined to do so putting anti-perspirant/deodorant down there will aid in the razor burn.....LOL your to funny.
  9. RNRao

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    So I ask, how do we prevent this nasty trend? Furthermore, I am glad that the subject is being addressed, let it be a reminder.
  10. RNRao

    Surgical &/or Operating Room Nursing

    How much time and money to you want to invest? A 2 year degree of 3-4 year degree. To do OR nursing most require a RN 2 year associates degree.
  11. RNRao

    rhode island hospital

    Hello R.I. hospital is part of Lifespan which includes affiliations with 4 other hospitals. RIH has a union, manditory OT and also can mandate you to stay extra if someone calls out for their shift. It is a trauma equipt hospital actually the only one in R.I and is also teaching. It is a huge hospital that is very busy always. Hope this can bring some ideas to you.
  12. RNRao

    Please advise

  13. RNRao

    Please advise

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    Please advise

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    Please advise

  16. RNRao

    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    Personally I am a 3year new grad and I have seen this type of behavior to other nurses and to myself but I have very thick skin. When your in the break room minding your own business but you hear everything about "The New nurses". Instead of spreading appreciation and positive energy some nurses focus on the negitive. I have worked in a few different settings my last being not an influence on this viewpoint Tweety because I had formed this opinion a while ago. I am sorry to have experienced this in my presence too.