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I was always a go getter, I did my work effectively, improved my self with courses, seminars, CEUS, and always wanted to learn more about my job as an RN...especially the practical side....however...it means diddly now...after... Read More

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    Wow. I've been out of the field for 2 years now, just got laid off from a job training EHR software. I worked as an RN for 2.5 years before that - had a back injury 6 months into the job and pushed through the pain for the next 2 years until it was non-stop excruciating. I'm glad I found this thread before starting to send out applications.

    (I hope this isn't too off-topic, but what got me thinking about going back to nursing instead of finding another training job was a Vipassana meditation course I just completed. Through this technique, I was able to observe extreme pain objectively without reacting - and if the back problem persists and I can use the technique to get through it then there's no reason not to go back! )

    Has anyone taken an RN refresher course? I know it's not required with an active license and just 2 years out of the field, but without recent work experience, recent course experience would be the next best thing, right?

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