Trying to get back into the hospital after staying home with the kids. Trying to get back into the hospital after staying home with the kids. - pg.3 | allnurses

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Trying to get back into the hospital after staying home with the kids. - page 3

I have been a stay at home mom for almost eight years except for two years that I worked for a retail store. I enjoyed working retail but I really want to get back to nursing. I began applying four... Read More

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    When you say "with a preceptor" what does that mean?
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    I have been away from work for 2.5 years due to my daughter. I am in CA East Bay area... I continued my CE's and licenses and BLS and ACLS... I applied in CA hospitals and in HOuston Hospitals but only response "Better candidate than you" One Home Health agency offered me a job but pay is way lower than I had even made even as a New Grad. Has 4 years of experience in Trauma, Tele, PCU, Emergency. ICU and Travel nursing... Never had problem to get a job before... but this "better than you" is killing and very very depressing.... When I started as a new grad I started with so many nurses who stayed home for 3 to 15 years.... DO not know why is that!!! Where I see the posts are vacants for a year and they still do nto want to hire me... I know I need max 1 week of orientation .... VERY Frustrating situation!!!
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    Have you looked at LTC - you may have to take a job for lower pay for a year or so which is what I am doing after 9 years away from the bedside for lower pay. OR consider a bedside refresher course. Lots of nursing schools offer them and it is a good way to brush up your skills.

    You might also look into an how to interview course at a community college - they will put you through a series of mock job interviews and tell you how you can best present yourself.

    Good Luck